Friday, March 12, 2010

Funny Friday: The Book

It has been almost a month since I wrote this post that left me just scratching my head and once again questioning what the heck to do as a mother. At that time I had several people recommend several different books, including Parenting With Love and Logic. So I figured, why not. I reserved a copy at the library but was several spots down the waiting list; I guess I am not the only one needing a little help. And well, as most mother's seem to learn things come and go... those terrible twos, the potty-training days.. everything eventually passes and changes. And some of the negative behaviors that we had worked so hard to get rid of started to fade again.

It was about this time that the book was finally ready for me. I went and got it from the library and for two weeks it sat on the end table beckoning for me to pick it up. But hey, things were good again, I didn't need it! It was nearing the time to return the book so I tried to renew it, but no luck.. the next desperate mother was waiting.

Yesterday, a very filled and busy day was when it was due. Did I remember to bring it when we drove by the library on the way to Lucas' soccer class? Nope. Did I remember all morning? Nope. Finally in the afternoon, after a much needed nap, I remembered the book. But now it was nearing the kids quiet/nap time, the house was a mess and I would soon be having a meeting at my house. So I told the kids we were just going to go return my book. "But can't we get new books too" they begged. I decided they had been wonderful all morning, I mean I had a nap while they were playing nicely with each other. So I got our bag and we gathered their library books to return so we could get some new ones. I carefully counted their books, after numerous times of accidentally leaving one behind we are diligent about this, and then we headed to the library.

We got to the library and Lucas in his usual fashion began asking questions about everything.
"Why do they have return bins outside of the library?"
"Can we put our books in there?"
I told him it was easier for the librarians if we put them in the bin inside.
"But let's put just your book in there." he said.
"No, let's just put them all inside."

So in we went, the kids put all the books in the slot. We searched through the shelves gathered up a good pile of books and checked out. The almost fight during checkout was diverted and we left happy.

"There is still time to read some stories" I told them on the way home.
We arrived home and I went to set down my purse on the counter, my husband's favorite spot for it; and there it was.... Parenting with Love and Logic starring back up at me mocking me. The one book that was due that day.

So we loaded back into the car, the kids hands filled with a Fruit by the Foot to make it a fun trip. And this time, well this time I let Lucas return my book in the big bins outside.
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  1. I cannot tell you how many times I have done that! It's even worse when you didn't even read the book! Sometimes I really hate library books!

  2. My son loves the library. I hate having to deal with reading by a certain date and returning things, though. I don't how many library books our house has mysteriously eaten.

  3. Get back on the list for that book! LOL I am using it far more now than I ever did when my kids were very small. (But I'm glad things have settled down.)

  4. I've pretty much just stopped checking books out b/c I have such a hard time remembering to return them!

  5. Ha ha ha, I've so done that! It's called Mommy Brain, we all have it at times :-)

  6. I have been having so many days like that lately!

  7. Haha the novelty of putting them into a bin. What a drag that you kept forgetting. I mean it's not as if you have anything going on right now. ;)

  8. Ok, that is funny!!!! And I do use the bins outside! LOL

  9. I have sooooo had days like this, girl! God bless your children for being so patient and happy go lucky about the whole day :)

  10. That book was recommended to me too. i wish you had read it so you could tell me if it was any good or not! LOL!

  11. Wow! A lot of trouble for a book you didn't even get to read! I have never heard of it but now I am very interested in checking it out!

  12. That's awesome. We are the worst library patrons, we ALWAYS forget to return at least one!

    Also..don't feel bad about not reading the book. All the people I know that do love and logic seriously have the WORST kids! I am not even kidding!

  13. I can very much relate to this! Both the forgetfulness and the son who is obsessed with the outside return bin!