Thursday, April 1, 2010

How to Say it....

Well... I have been contemplating what to say and how to say this.... I haven't been quite sure what to say.... I am going to give up blogging for good.

April Fools!

Okay--sorry I couldn't help myself. I could never leave you guys! At least I am not sick of you yet :) I can wish my sister-in-law Raelynn (who you sort of know from the cooking club) a happy Birthday as today is her birthday (and that is no joke!)

This past weekend my father-in-law came to help build a new room for Alex. We are currently renting our home.. so well we didn't want to build the wall the traditional way, as it is more a semi-permanent thing.. i.e. it can be taken down if we move out someday.

The room before... though you can't see the entire left side of the room in this picture, (where the wall indents that is the beginning of the left side) The room was huge!
Oh and that board was part of the supplies already being brought up :)
Eric and his dad working hard
Papi teaching the kids how to paint
A second coat was applied by the grown-ups later, but the kids were in heaven painting

Nailing on the wall boards-one side side Prom Pink

that big board sticking out is for support and counter weight, as this wall isn't going all the way up to the ceiling
hanging the door...
my father-in-law is totally laughing as he realizes I was taking a picture of Eric's butt...
but I sure don't think it's a bad view ;)a couple of days later....

Thanks again so so much to my wonderful in-laws.. who well really felt like our slave labor during their "vacation". We could not have done it without you.


  1. I love the room. I also rent from the army and know about changes that have to be changed back. I think that this is a great option. Enjoy it Alex.

  2. What a great solution. And it looks wonderful.

  3. I didn't know the kids got to paint. that is so cool!

  4. Don't you just love it- not only does Alex have a lovely new space, but it was a total "barn raising" event filled with love and full participation by all! Very cool.

  5. That is such a pretty room for a very pretty girl! Well done!

  6. Looks awesome!! I bet she loves her new room too!

  7. Don't you ever stop writing!!!!!!

  8. Oh! You got me! Glad you're sticking around :) The room looks great!!!

  9. Wow you guys are so creative! Way to make something work so well when you had restrictions! Looks like a cute little fun room.

  10. You scared me for a minute!

    What a great solution to your families to have handy people around too!

  11. Really cool! you are so lucky to have handy people in your family!
    And your April Fools at the beginning totally got me. ;)

  12. I wish my husband were handy like that! He once built a doghouse that was too small for our dog. That's just how we roll...

  13. Loved the pics, Emily. Oh...and I sure am missing you guys.

  14. I love the room! That is so cool that you guys were able to re-model a rented house like that! How does she like her new room?

  15. Holy cow, that little room is so cute!