Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nesting 101 & Crafts

They say when you are pregnant, often near the end of your pregnancy a nesting instinct will kick in where you will suddenly magically have energy and desire to get everything all ready. Well I am still waiting for this; but I have finished two crafts that I have been planning/working on for over a year now.

The first project I have been planning on since I won some vinyl letters from a giveaway on Baby Makin(g) Machine last July, yes last July. I fully intended to finish the project in time for Christmas.

Well Eric finally got it for his birthday in March.I found the frame at Kohl's when it was 50% off, I had another 30% off coupon, so it came to around $15 I think (I bought it last year...) I painted over the letters and then added my own words and pictures, and Eric loves it.

And got this
And since I won the letters and already had black paint, the total cost was $15!

My second project was for Alex's room. I have been thinking about this since I saw it in the Children's museum when we lived in Mesa, AZ... so yeah, it's been a while.

All it consists of is a bulletin board, and these butterflies that I bought for $4.95 for a pack of 6 from abc distributing. (I bought 3 packages). The butterflies are meant to be wrapped around things, so I cut the wires used for wrapping pretty short with wire cutters and then stuck them into the bulletin board. I ended up using some scissor to poke a tiny hole for a guide for the wires as otherwise the wires just kept bending over and not sticking into the board.

So two successful crafts, and well I did do this with our under the stairs closet...

so maybe I am nesting after all... but there is the fact that we don't have an infant car seat yet, or diapers....hmmm.


  1. I love the frame and the closet is pretty awesome. I need to find the motivation to clean out multiple closets in our house.

  2. The frames they turned out lovely. I love vinyl.

  3. The frames and butterflies are great. I think you are nesting of sorts!

  4. The organized closet is AWESOME! I love organizing! The picture frame is really cute, I never thought to paint over words, great idea! And the butterflies, what can I say, so cute!

    Projects are fun, I'm about to start a major painting project. :) Goodbye firetruck red walls!

  5. I don't think I had the nesting instinct kick in with any babies except my first. Maybe I was just too busy/tired/lazy to notice. Good job for you, though! All of it looks FANTASTIC!

  6. Oh, that nesting bug is wonderful, isn't it? Saddly, I didn't get it at all with Faye. I so wish I had. I was just too darn tired all the time. I love what you have done with your crafts! Lovely.

  7. Great job with those projects AND the closet. It does sound like you might be nesting!!

    Oh, and I looked at the pictures of you on your previous post. you are sooo cute. That baby is sitting low, huh?

  8. Nesting and talented, too. My nesting just involved cleaning. You are actually making cute stuff. I am impressed!

  9. The butterflies are sooooo adorable! I love them. Just let me know when you start cleaning the grout! LOL

  10. I love the way the frame turned out and the butterfly project looked like fun to do.

    I always think it is kind of funny when we do "getting ready" stuff when we are pregnant it is nesting. When we do those things not pregnant it is just everyday chores. :)

  11. Look how cute you are?! Impressive for only $15.
    When are you due again? I didn't get the nesting feeling until 2 weeks prior my due date. ;) Good job on finishing your projects!
    Always a good feeling huh?!

    Loves. xx

  12. If you ever need any other projects to work on, I have plenty!

  13. I'd say the nesting has kicked in! LOL
    Just cleaning the closet is proof!

  14. The frame looks great and so does the butterfly craft! Do you have time to come and organize me before you deliver... need help.

  15. Wow!! on the frame! I love it.
    Way to go on the closet. Love your blog. Gotta follow!