Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Do's and Don'ts of Vacation

Well I know it is only Thursday and I said I was going to wait until we got back to blog again, but plans have drastically changed.

First to hold you off in suspense a little longer. A few rules and recaps
1) do celebrate the joy and happiness of both kids doing extremely well on a ten hour car trip
2) do be so happy that the kids are cousins are getting along great
3) do grumble and complain about the 50 degree weather (i want my 80's back)
4) do enjoy a morning temple session--oh wait back that boat up, that is when the excitement begins

Wednesday Eric, his dad and his sister Rachel went to the Jordan River temple to enjoy a morning session. On the way into the temple I felt like I leaked a little... But it was one of those huh? Not much I think everything is fine moments. Went in a changed into my temple dress; for those not of my faith while in the temple everyone wears white to symbolize purity and cleanliness. I went in for the session and was feeling fine. I went to stand up at one point and water came trickling down my leg. I was soon sitting again wondering what I should do; I still was not having any contractions and the trickling stopped. I said a silent prayer and was filled with a peace and reassurance that everything would be okay. Several minutes later I stood up again and water came much faster than a trickle this time. I turned to my sister-in-law and said I am leaking I have to go. I went into the isle and waved for Eric to follow me. I think my water broke I told him as we left the room. "how exciting!" one of the temple workers commented, "no it is too soon, I am only 31 weeks" I replied.

She quickly escorted us through the temple, I could feel my dress getting wetter and wetter. I hurried to the locker room and changed into my regular dress, then Eric and I took off for the hospital. We went to the ER, which was pleasantly empty, and when I told
them how far along I was they quickly wisked me back. They took me to Triage to check me out, while I was changing into those lovely
hospital gowns the nurse said based on the amount of fluid on the wheel chair they were just going to admit me. Luckily I went through my
first half of my pregnancy with Lucas in Utah so I was already in the system.

They got me all hooked up to the monitors and not only had I lost a lot of fluid but I was contracting pretty regularly.

((Part II can be read here))


  1. That is good that you are still in the hospital's system. I am sure that took a lot of hoops and red tape out of the way!

  2. I am glad things are well enough that you can blog for the time being--- I think it is indicative how big you must look that people are assuming it is good until you tell them how tooooooo much early it is.

    I hope and pray for the best and I am so glad you are surrounded by family to help with the other kids!

    Good luck!

  3. I'm not sure if it's because I'm sick, or tired, or what, but I totally started crying when I read this! I'm so glad you're in a place near family and that Lucas and Alex are taken care of and you don't have to worry about that. I hope everything goes well, and that they can keep that baby in there as long as they can, and if not, that everything will be fine!! Definitely thinking and praying for you!

  4. What a horrible tease, but I'm hoping that you and baby are just fine, that it wasn't your water that broke. Emmy, I'm praying for you, no matter.

  5. Ooh - exciting and honestly, I'm a little bit scared. But I am assuming all is ok - literally praying for you! At The Temple though - that is cool!

  6. It was my water that broke , luckily there is enough still left that we are trying to see how long he can stay in there.

  7. Praying for you and your baby! Hopefully he will hold out a few more weeks!

  8. I hope everything's going well! I'm anxious to hear part II. Good luck with everything!

  9. Ohh wow! Best Wishes Emmy! I hope he hangs out a little longer!!

  10. Emmy,
    I pray that all goes as well as it can. good luck!!

  11. Will you tell me which room and seat you were in so I know which one to avoid?? hehehehe My sister went into labor at the temple, too, but I don't think her water broke. No better place for it to happen, even if early, right?? :)

  12. I found you through Lourie. I'm a new follower!

  13. Um, you can't leave things there. Are you alright? Are you in the hospital? Did you have the baby?

    You must put a post up first thing in the morning answering these questions.

    Oh I hope everything is alright.

  14. UGH! You are not supposed to have this type of excitement on your vacation. Luckily I read part two first so I know you and Ryder are okay. Very cute name by the way. I hope he decides to stick it out a while longer and that you both stay safe and healthy. You will be in my prayers.

    And it's okay to break down when you are ready. I promise! Just read my post about having a little temper tantrum with Heavenly Father right now. You'll see!

  15. Oh my goodness! For it to happen in the temple! That would be so embarrassing! Well...I guess at least we're a family loving bunch, right?

  16. Oh my gosh! I am trying to catch up after dealing with a bunch of sick kids this week!
    Quick Prayer!
    I am off to read your other posts!

  17. sheesh woman, you're a champ! the jordan river temple is the temple we are assigned to:-) we love it there!!!

  18. I've been busy with a birthday and come back to find all kinds of things have been going on! So now I am reading your story from the beginning.

    How scary to have your water break so early! I have my babies early, but not that early!

  19. Oh my goodness! I have been gone for a while, and when I come back I am greeted with this?!? Crazy! At least you were in the temple and had the sweet assurance that everything would be okay. Sorry, I would write more, but I have got to find out what happened next!