Monday, July 5, 2010


This week's Monday's Mug photo theme is blue.... and well I bleed blue so I had to participate. I thought it would be fun to present this week's blue theme in a bit of a journey and even a poem of sorts.

Let's begin with a little walk where the options are endless; what should we do?
How about a picnic in the park, under the shelter just me and you.
That's a good idea since the sky is a beautiful hue.
Or even more grand a trip to the strip to watch our boys in blue.

But oh that was a cold night with winds that never stopped.

So let's head back indoors and build with lots of blocks.
So now that we have had some fun..
well let's not forget a favorite one..
A favorite thing that is symbolized by blue..

What is it you ask?

Well it's baby boy number two.
Make sure you come back tomorrow, I am going to show you the best way ever to give a newborn a bath. Took me having a baby in the NICU to learn this way but it is seriously awesome!


  1. Blue is one of my favorite colors and I love the pictures - especially of your baby boy!

  2. Baby boy's are the best way to show off blue! ;-)

    The leggo shot is neat! Very vibrant blues in there!

    Happy Monday!

  3. That was the MOST entertaining Blue! I LOVE the flip flops! Can't wait to see how to bathe a newborn, even though I probably won't have any more! :(

  4. Um, what was that??? After seeing that adorable baby boy pic, I kind of forgot about the rest ;-)

    Great shots, you have a good eye!

  5. They didn't even teach me that one with maybe it is new. I mean that was 10 years ago. Haha. But seriously an awesome technique.

    Love your pictures always and your poem is so cute and fun!

  6. Stopping in from Heather's.

    I feel so uncreative after reading your post! Love the poem/story in pictures.

    That last shot makes me want to pick him up and let him sleep on me for hours while I do nothing but sit.

  7. Love all of the creative blues but the last is my favorite!

  8. Love all the blue, my fave color!

  9. My goodness, you have a lot of great blue shots! WOW!! I love it. And it kinda makes me want to do a collection of each color of the rainbow in pictures!

  10. Awesome pictures! And I love your little rhyme! :)

  11. Eye popping color in your photographs, heart warming poetry, darling baby boy!

  12. What a fun poem! And I think I love the little feet in flipflops. A true symbol of summer, don't you think.

  13. I just loved this Blue post, Emily! What talent you have (writing AND photography). That Ryder sure is a cutie!