Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Confessional: Bribery

It's Friday! And a holiday weekend, so excited. And well an awesome thing about Friday's is the chance to lay it all out and confess how it really is and link up with Glamazon Mom.

So here are my confessions this week.
  • Lucas started swim lessons this week--which means a lot of anxiety
  • I knew if he just went and tried he would do fine
  • So I used bribery--a lot of bribery every single day
  • I am almost starting to wonder if it was worth it
  • But today he finally wasn't too anxious! (except for when he kept saying he wanted to go home)
  • And since his anxiety went away, in it's place was silliness and defiance, oh goody.
  • I think I prefer the anxiety.
  • I wish I would have signed Alex up too, I think she would have done great
  • She is fearless-in the scary she is going to kill herself kind of way
  • Except around new people-then she sometimes tells me "I was being shy"
  • Well at least she has self-awareness.
  • Did I tell you how happy it made me to have so many people link up with their Ten Things list? Well it did!
  • I really need a button for that that people could grab...
  • Anyone want to make one for me? I will give you all sorts or bloggy love.
  • It made me temporarily forget about the guilt I am feeling from not playing with my kids much.
  • But isn't that why you have more than one kid, so they can play with each other?
  • They having been playing great with each other all week.. and just each other.
  • Oh wait, there was that one afternoon I drove a truck to Strawberry Shortcakes house and had a sleepover.
  • And the movie, don't forget the movie that I feel asleep watched with the kids
  • okay guilt is gone less.
  • I really like doing the confessionals in this style, I totally stole it from Glamazon.
  • She is awesome, you really should check out her site.
  • And since I just gave her credit it isn't stealing.
  • Phew, one less thing to feel guilty about.
So there you have it. Make sure you check out all of the other great Friday Confessionals.


  1. I have to say that I am relieved swimming lessons are over. Abby loved it, but I was pretty much poolside the whole time with Noah reminding him to keep his mouth closed under the water, to stay on the wall and wait for his teacher, etc...There were only 2 teachers for 12 little kids so I was a bit of a "helicopter mom". haha :)

  2. Hey, I had someone help make a button for me on my old blog. I'll see if I can find her email. She's good and way cheap.

  3. I am all about bribery every time!

  4. Bribery has just started working on my daughter. She just turned 2 in May and thinks she is 5! I hope by the end of swim lessons Lucas is not anxious around the water one bit! I would like Lula Mae to start but she is fearless too and that makes my really really nervous! She gets shy too sometimes and will tell me and my husband "I'm just too shy! Sorry Mommy-Daddy" (because Mommy and Daddy are one entity!) Little ones are a mess sometimes! LOL

    Love your post!

    I want to make a button too but have NO CLUE how! Good luck, I hope someone can help you out!

  5. I use bribery far more often than I should. Hey, I figure, if it works...
    I think I'm the only mother who has not signed her kids up for swimming lessons-ever. Maybe it's because I never had lessons. I don't want them to know how to swim before I do! On the other hand...then they could be my lifeguards...

  6. I am glad Lucas conquered the anxiety. It's a rough thing to deal with on both sides of the coin.

    Yeah, I like the way Glam does it too. haha.

  7. I don't know that I've even ever commented here before, but I love to dabble in (free) blog button design for bloggers I I'd love to help you out if you're interested! You can click over to my blog to see some of my buttons (and yes, I need to resize my grab button for my own blog after I switched to a 3-column template...I just haven't had a chance to yet!) Anyway, if you're interested, email me at crossashleybgmailcom

  8. Don't feel bad about bribery ... it is my most used tool in my Mother's Toolbox! (Sad to say!)

    And don't feel guilty for taking some time for yourself ... if you don't, you'll just be miserable and no good with the kids. Be glad they can entertain each other ... you're doing a good job with them!

  9. Don't ever feel guilty! You're awesome. And I hope swim lessons just get better and better!

  10. aw, how cute are you? loved loved loved your confessional, thanks for the shout out. I hate having a child that is fearless of the water when they have no clue how to swim! Makes me nuts. Don't worry about the guilt thing, with every kid comes another layer of guilt, but they are lucky to have a mama who loves them so much and has blessed them with a baby brother!

  11. I love your confessions! Bribery really is necessary sometimes. I use it a lot when I'm trying to get my kids to sit still for pictures!

  12. My kids are the oldest is scared to death trying to get her to swim and she is 8. While my two year old is jumping off the steps over and over and wants you to let go of her and take off her life vest!

  13. I think that is one of the hardest parts of having a new born. Giving your other kids enough attention. But hey, strawberry Shortcake never was happier, so I think you are doing fine. :)

  14. I could make you a button! I'm a graphic designer by trade - not that you could tell by my blog. But I'm actually pretty good. And I'd love to make you a button. Gratis, of course.

    I'm working on some buttons of my own. If you want some proof of my skills, I can shoot over some of the buttons I've worked on for myself. Not that I'm using any of them yet, but I will be soon! Just shoot me an email if you want to collaborate.