Friday, August 27, 2010

Knocked Down Already

It's Friday, time to fess up along with all of the others at Glamazon's

I confess:
  • Remember that high horse proud mama high I was on here, well it was short lived, the next day he got a red card.
  • Good thing I celebrated when I did.
  • My 365 blog probably had it's worst week ever.
  • I took pictures--
  • horrible out of focus fuzzy pictures often taken at the 11th hour.
  • I have been spending my days editing pictures from three different photo shoots, so by the time I am done with those I am done with pictures period.
  • I read this blog from a really awesome photographer about how to spot bad photographers and it totally made me question my skills and abilities.
  • But then I saw my sisters engagement pictures, which a friend of theirs took, and I felt a whole lot better about myself.
  • Lucas and Alex are in school and preschool,
  • I had one day where I missed them a lot...
  • Otherwise, well I really am enjoying the quiet.
  • I can't believe August is almost over!
  • That means on Tuesday it will be time For Ten Things to Smile About
  • Hope you write your posts and link up
  • (and I hope you don't mind shameless plugs friendly reminders)
  • And now it is time for me to schedule this post to publish in the morning and get in the shower.
  • I am covered with spit up, have greasy hair, and just plain stink.

Have a great weekend! The last recipe for this month's cooking club with be up tomorrow!


  1. I might be past the missing them phase. Does that make me a bad mom?

  2. Uh oh. How come your sister didn't ask you to do her pictures?

  3. One day you will be pushing them out the door. haha.

    I took a shower this morning. It was in vein. I am already sweating. *sigh*

  4. You need not question your photograpy abilities. And don't listen to anyone else say what a quote good photographer is like. I love your pictures. And we all have bad photo days. And we all love photo editing programs! And I think you are a fabulous photographer! ;)

  5. Maybe making a big deal out of the green card will help make him realize he wants to have less red card days. :)

  6. I've been longing for school to be back in and it seemed an eternity away. Now it's here and I'm thinking, wait! There was so much more to do!! It has flown by for sure!

  7. what a week for you! It is wonderful how you can still look on the bright side of things. And really (as I am living proof) sometimes we just have days like that.

    P.S. What? Questioning your skills? I am still remembering a photo of a beautiful bird you took. Still so impressed with your skills! Don't second guess yourself. Especially because you are still learning, and have never been taught professionally. You are fab.u.lous!

  8. We both did confessions in our post today lol!

  9. I love any confession. Unless it's like, "I confess I'm the most awesome person ever." Those I can do without. LOL

  10. I love the confession too.... I did one of my own because I liked yours so much. :)

  11. Sounds like a pretty busy week.

    Where has August gone?! Fastest month ever, it seems.

  12. uh oh! Red card? Sounds serious! I am reading in reverse order tonight because I have been such a blog slacker this week. Sorry!

  13. "But then I saw my sisters engagement pictures, which a friend of theirs took, and I felt a whole lot better about myself"

    - ouch -

  14. Don't feel bad about yourself ... you're juggling quite a bit!! I'm amazed you get anything done!

  15. What was the blog? I'd be interested in reading what they think makes someone a bad photographer... (hoping that I don't fall into that category!) I definitely wouldn't worry about your skills though. :) You are awesome. :)