Friday, August 20, 2010

The Things Kids Create

With school now started for both Lucas and Alex, I am getting bombarded with lots and lots of papers and things they created. Of course I oooh and ahhh at all of their papers and then I don't know what to do. Do I save them, do I throw it away? I very rarely throw it away, at least not that day. Some things I am able to part with several days later and the others I file away in a filing cabinet. But I wonder how much I will ever see those things.

That is why I love Jen's of Buried With Children idea of Kids Make the Darndest Things.I keep meaning to link up with her, but never have. I have started putting the kids artwork on the playroom wall. It is the big empty white wall that got built when we split the playroom in two. And well I meant to take a picture of it.. but I am typing this with Ryder on my lap.

So instead I am going to share a video from this week showing some of the things my kids make.

Alex is about to start ballet and is beyond excited, so she made a dance for us all to see and Lucas is the genius behind the music for her ballet. Enjoy and check out Jen's blog, you won't be sad you did.


  1. Alex is soooo cute. You can't help but smile when seeing that!!

    I mostly toss the stuff they create. There is WAY too much stuff to keep it all. I do keep a select few though, and they go into a box.

  2. She is so incredibly adorable!!!! She really is gonna be a great dancer, you can tell she gets it! His music is fantastic too! Kids are so darn CUTE!!!!!

    Lula Mae brings home a craft from church each week. We hang it on her school board for a week, then when we get a new one we replace it. Some of them I keep, but I mostly toss them. I use to be a hoarder so I have to try really really hard to get rid of things. If not our house would be exploding with every little thing she touched! I think your idea is great!

  3. I heart Alex!

    Your post got me thinking. I wonder if the best way to keep it all would be to make a blog (haha, as if we don't have too many of those already!) and take pictures of all their stuff and then post it. You could get the blog printed at the end of each year and that would be a lot easier to keep than the stack of their projects. . . ?

  4. That is so cute! I especially like the head standing. Lucas is going to be a famous percussionist, isn't he? And Alex has amazing interpretive dance moves. Impressive. :)

    I read a remedy to the child artwork dilemma once. Someone said to take pictures of the things your kids make, and then you will always have them, but you wont have papers lying around. I thought that was a great idea. The playroom wall is a good idea too, though.

  5. Awe! I can't wait for the tornado to start her dance class!

  6. I like Rachel's idea of creating a blog and then printing it. Right now, I have a box. And no, I do not keep everything. Stories are a must for keeping. cute is Alex??? She is going to have so much fun. Did you get a morning class for her?

  7. I put it all in a bin and then at the end of each school year, I would sort through it and pick out a sampling of the best/my favorites.

    Her dancing was so cute!

  8. They both did a great job! Your son was both percussionist AND director there for a bit of it - I kept expecting him to move into camera range for some of the air time!

  9. Ok, first thank you so much for linking up with me.

    Second, I have a similar wall in my house that I am going to start putting the kids art work on.

    And third, LOVE, LOVE , Love the ballet. I totally need to get Claire into ballet.

  10. Sean's mom did the filing cabinet thing and then made scrapbooks for Christmas presents in order of birth. She has done 3 out of the 4 children now. It is really cool. On the other hand, my mom didn't do any of that and I am getting along fine;-)

  11. Hee hee! Those are some talented kids you've got! Alex is a great dancer already!

  12. Gosh she is sooooo cute! she really really is!

    And the papers from school are OVERWHELMING!