Friday, September 3, 2010


I am confessing today with Glamazon and well this might be interesting as...

It is really good I did not write this an hour ago... I was REALLY crabby
Because I chose to be.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened
Nothing really bad happened
Sure I couldn't make dinner until late because the baby had to eat
Hmm maybe that did it
Hungry equals crabby.

Speaking of hungry I joined Shortmama's Muffin top to skinny jeans journey
As well I am sick of my muffin top.
I weighed myself and stated I needed to lose 8 lbs.
the next day... Let's just say I took care of some much needed business...
And I don't quite need to lose 8 lbs anymore.

Speaking of the bathroom
I have had to put toliet paper down on my toliet seat all this last week.
No it isn't dirty-it is cracked.
And if you don't put toliet paper down
And not just a single sheet but a wad, then it pinches your butt.
The kids are no longer using our bathroom though.

How did it crack?
Well Eric simply sat on it too long I guess.
Yes, Eric is a big guy-but he is just tall big,
Not big big by any means.

But this is the second toliet seat he has broken
(the other was his parents)
I guess that should be something he is confessing to though,
If he had a blog.

He once did have a blog for a week.
It was called Taco Based Lunch.
(bonus points if you can find it-he wouldn't let me put a link)
He basically told what he had for lunch everyday and how it was taco related.
Like I said, it lasted a week.

I think it is time for bed.
Hope you all have a great labor day weekend.
There will be a Cooking Club recipe posted tomorrow...
And it won't be taco based.


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! He broke not one but two toilet seats. LOL. I had to read that section a couple of times before it sank in about the seat being cracked. No glasses(I left them at my moms) and the death of my brain. :P
    Hey at least I will have A/C today!

  2. I think I'd put up with a cracked toilet seat if meant my kids would stay out of my bathroom!

  3. LOL at him breaking two toilet seats and you totally calling him out for it. HA!

  4. I haven't even broken a toilet seat before! But I'm pretty sure I've had an 8 pound 'business meeting' before. Good job on the weight loss ;)

  5. Hope you have a less crabby dinner today!

    I hate when a toilet seat pinches you...ourch!

  6. I actually looked for it! Granted, my quest only lasted about 5 minutes, but I tried. Oh well, some things aren't meant to be, I suppose.

  7. Bahaha! Sami! Of course Sami looked for it! That's awesome.
    Also...dude. I would LOVE if I only had 8 lbs to lose.
    But I know that if you have a small amount it takes a bit. :(

  8. flow of consciousness. Ha! Love it. And how honest you are. my hubby would be so embarrassed if I had said he cracked the toilet seat (I still would do it, but he would be embarrassed.) You make me Giggle.

    P.S. Tomorrow is Game Day! Lets watch it together-ish, okay? I will bring the nachos and know that you are watching on your end. :)

  9. And now I'm hungry for tacos! Curses...

  10. Taco based lunch was my favorite. Oh so funny!

    Somehow I gotta work on getting to skinny jeans too!

  11. I've had cracked toilet seats before too. It was from them slamming it open too hard! Boys and men...sheesh!

  12. Cracked toilet seat can stay if it keeps Tater out of the bathroom! I'd rather get a pinch on the butt than sit in pee one more time!

  13. Bring back Taco based lunch!!! I need, I need!

  14. tee hee hee, 'weight loss,' if that happens, I will hop right back on the scale after and say, "I just lost 2 lbs! Yay!"

    You have every right to be grumpy when you don't have food. Nothing makes me madder! Don't mess with my food!

    Thanks for playing!

  15. Ha ha ha ha! I totally just laughed out loud! I love this post, you wrote it with such dry humor!

    Have a good weekend!

  16. Hee hee! So does Eric know that you told all of blogland that he breaks toilet seats!

  17. Did the toilet seat break after eating taco based food for a week??

    P.S. You're funny!

  18. I really Enjoyed reading your confessional..Yay I'm now a follower!

  19. LOVE these confessions!

    We totally have a crack in our toilet seat too! And it pinches our butts to!

    I'm glad you're doing muffin top...I do it sometimes...and miss all the other times!

    But hopefully I'll get more consistent!

  20. Sorry, I'm totally cracking up. The confessions are hilarious and sound like something from my life too :)