Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thanks a lot Letters

It's Thursday, I am more than ready for this week to be over, but it's Eric's turn to work on Saturday, so the end is further away. Definitely a good time to link up with both Shortmama and Kmama, for what I like to call my Thankful Letters to Someone. Definitely check out both of their blogs.
Family of Shorts

To my Children-
I love that you were so excited to see the rainbow in the whole sky, i.e. the sun rising, but well that much excitement before 6:00 AM is just wrong. I just love it when the clock says 5:50 AM. It made it even better when you stared fighting with each other after three minutes of being up. Ah what a beautiful way to start the day.
Your mom who is not going to be a happy mom if you do that ever again

To Walgreen's-
Thank you for being able to fill Ryder's prescription and accepting our insurance (no sarcasm here), I like paying $10 much more than $55. Thank you for adding flavoring so the medicine is not completely nasty and bitter--oh wait you didn't do this, in fact it wasn't until he gagged on it and hardly drank it that I realized it was missing. But when I called, you said to bring it in and you would add it.

Dear Self-
Great job putting on your big girl shorts and calling the pharmacy about the problem, I know sometimes you have a hard time doing that. And thank you for sitting around all morning and then finally calling about 30 minutes before Alex needed to be picked up. You did a great job scrambling to get ready grabbing the medicine-even putting it in a lunch bag with ice since it has to be refrigerated. And the best part, when you finally got to Walgreen's while walking in the store felt prompted to check to make sure you had the medicine; thank you so much for saying "no, of course I do". And thank you for still ignoring this feeling while waiting in line for almost ten minutes. It made the moment when you stepped to the counter only to pull out his old bottle of medicine that much more exciting. And when the pharmacist said "you are having a bad day" being able to do nothing but agree. But think, then you got to come back with the other two kids! Oh goody!
The why did I put it off and ignore the Spirit mama

Dear Self Again- (is so much self talk a good thing?)
Thank you for picking up the kids, stopping by home to get the right medicine, going to the pharmacy and then deciding to go to Sonic for lunch since we were on that side of town. Best decision ever--no sarcasm here AT ALL. Good job, mama-sometimes you can make good decisions. A cherry limeade really can fix the day.
The good happy belly filled mom

How was your day?


  1. Ahh, prescription adventures are not fun!

    And ACK about the early wake-up!

  2. I hate the drug store. HATE IT! i'm so sorry you had a rough day. When Buster was taking phenobarbital, it was a horribly bitter medication that had to be flavored. Nothing TICKED me off more than picking it up and realizing (you could tell just by the color) that it hadn't been flavored. Grr.

    By the way, does Walgreens charge for flavoring? Rite Aid charged us $3!

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. Some days are cherry limeade days for sure. I needed one yesterday.

  4. Yes sonic can cure just about anything. Sorry about the meds. Here's wishing you a better day!

  5. I hate HATE making phone calls. I am fine calling friends and family, but the business stuff...well not my favorite thing.

    CVS is my pharmacy and they are retarded. But I think Walgreene's wins this time. Why on earth would you fill a scrip for a baby and leave nasty! Okay...allergies...but hey, how about asking mom if she wants the meds flavored.! They didn't charge you extra for that, did they??

    Cherry-Limeade is soooo nummy good!

  6. How sad is it that I've never had a cherry limeade??

  7. Days like this are rough, especially when you know it's a long week. Hang in there! I hope it's smooth sailing from now on!!

  8. I make cherry limeades at home some times! Yummy!

    Sorry I didnt do letters today...the snakes story needed its own post today

  9. Oh what a day! Do you remember the commercial, "Calgon, take me away!" That totally came to my mind reading this!

    We don't have Sonics here, but a cherry limeade sounds awesome!

  10. Good job making the call! I am horrible with that kind of thing too...
    Yesterday was also one of those days for me too. Before putting the kids to bed, I informed Roon that I would be requiring a Route 44 Dr. Pepper post haste. He knew better than to refuse!

  11. I firmly believe a grape slushie from Sonic can fix anything!

  12. Ugh, what a bad day! And Sonic can really make smiles between 2-4. :)