Friday, October 29, 2010

Confessional Time

It has been a while since I have confessed with Glamazon, so I figured it was time.

  • I confess when I ignored my kids yesterday when I heard "shh don't tell mom..." I knew I was making a mistake but I just was being selfish and lazy and didn't want to get up.
  • But as I always tell my kids-you can always choose what you do-you just can't choose the consequence... so yeah-my choice led to bad consequences for all parties involved.
  • But it least it led to a funny facebook status and something to blog about.
  • Hey you have to look at the bright side of things, right?
  • I had a lot of fun at my sister's wedding and being with all my family.
  • I was not ready to come home at all... and to be honest it has been hard getting back into the whole blogging thing
  • I feel like I am forever behind on reading blogs, not to mention my 365 blog which is now two weeks behind, and never going to get caught up and then I sometimes think: who cares, why try?
  • But then I feel guilty-which is dumb as this is supposed to be fun and an outlet.
  • It was great seeing my sister and being at her wedding but it made me realize how completely out of her life I have been for the past ten years or so. It was awesome to see who she has become but kind of sad that I somehow seemed to have missed most of it.
  • Plus I must admit it might have been a bit weird having her be the center of attention the whole weekend-don't worry I didn't do anything stupid trying to get attention--I am just not used to that. She was always my little sister that tagged along with me.
  • But like I said ten years, changes a lot of things.
  • I guess I need to make a better effort to be part of her life... it is hard when you live 2,000 miles apart.
  • I can't believe it is Halloween this weekend. We have zero decorations up. Yes zero. I have a lot, some of the favorite decorations I have.. but I have just been too busy/tired/lazy to get them out even though the kids ask everyday.
  • When they mention that we still haven't done it, I blame it on them just watching TV in the afternoon instead of helping me.
  • Yeah, I'm cool like that.
  • Hope you have a wonderful and safe Halloween weekend.


  1. Jdaddy is the official decorator of holidays at our house. Though, he forgot to put my door hanger up, so I am missing that (it's my favorite!).

    Have a good weekend!!

  2. i get that guilty feeling when i fall behind in my blogging too...and you are right it is suppose to be a fun creative outlet, soooo that's just silly!

  3. I have zero of my fall/Halloween decorations up too. Somehow we'll all survive a year without them!

    Plan a time to call/talk on the phone with your sis every week. Raelynn and I really didn't get close until AFTER we lived far apart. Talking on the phone has made us closer than ever!

    When I feel bogged down about blogs, I simply unsubscribe from two or three. I've never missed them since. Don't feel bad! It's actually a good thing to do!

  4. And that is why I decorate the last weekend of August. Well, that and the fact that I love the decorations, so I get to enjoy them longer.

    I think it is hard to see siblings grow and change. All my siblings treat me like the person I used to be, not the person I have become. It is kind of hard. Especially since we all live so far apart. It is hard for them to get to know who I have become, so I let it slide. But I still love seeing them all.

  5. Well we don't have any up either. But you and I both have the important things...the costumes!!

    I am so far behind in blog reading that it's ridiculous. And I don't have an infant, and two small children. Plus a business starting.

  6. Yeah I think that about my blog all the time...Why try? Who cares?

  7. You have such a sweet, kind heart. I love your posts like these! I think we all need to be honest and vent every now and again! Have a fun, decoration free, Halloween! Everyone will have plenty of fun, even without the stress of decorating!

  8. I only have 2 Halloween decorations, and not a one of them is up yet. At this point, I kinda think it's a waste to put them up for 1 day. Perhaps I'll move right on to Thanksgiving...

  9. I think I'm going to start boycotting Halloween...

    I hate it when I'm not the center of attention in my family-I'm the only girl so I've had a lot of it! :)

  10. Blogging is supposed to be fun, and you have a TON going on so Mark All As Read, post when you can and forget the guilt!

  11. I don't decorate for Halloween. I just put up fall decorations on September 1 and then by Thanksgiving, I'm sick of seeing them clutter my house and I'm happy to pack them away. And don't beat yourself up, you have a baby and two other kids at home. Been there, done that, it kinda sucked at times. It's not lazy to need to just sit every now and then.

  12. DaddyO just put our Halloween decorations up, outside, yesterday. A few of them we will only put out on Halloween night because we don't want them to get stolen!

  13. My rule is you'll never catch up on reading blogs. I always just start fresh.

    You could just rename your 365 blog.

  14. A mother after my own heart! I tend to go the "I don't hear you! I don't hear you!" route myself.

  15. We have zero decorations up too...but thats because we have zero Halloween decorations anyway!

  16. I'm busy/lazy/tired, too. They love us anyway. I'm sure of it :)