Thursday, December 9, 2010

2010 Review Extravaganza!! Week 1

It's Time! It's Time!! Are you as excited as I am????

No? Well you should be, because do you know what time it is?

It is time for you all to link up with your recaps of Jan-March! I am excited to go read to see how your year has been. I am also excited to be able to add your name to the spread sheet to be entered into the contest for not one, not two or even three but six prizes! From these wonderful ladies.

Family of Shorts


Samantha's Day

and me

Do you have no clue what I am talking about?? Quick go and read the rules here. And I already did my recap-so you can go see it here.

So make sure you grab the button, just copy and paste the code below the button, and write up your review. You will have until Sunday at 11:59 PM Pacific Time to link up and get your first entry into the drawing. And remember, if you link up on any of the six ladies blogs it counts as it will magically show up on all of them! Yeah!

So link up! And it would be awesome if you took a few minutes to go read the reviews and leave some love for a couple of other people on the list around you. As hey, we all love comments, it is one of the reasons we blog right?


  1. I stayed up late researching posts to compile for this tomorrow. Hopefully I will have time!

  2. Wow look at it already!!! Weeee! This is awesome.

  3. Will it count if the button is on my sidebar? I cant seem to get it attached to the post. Is there a trick I dont know about to doing this? My email address is
    Thanks for doing an awesome linky post. Love it! And I'm excited for the coming weeks!

  4. Nevermind. Apparently I wasnt copying the entire html. I got the button up and running. :)

  5. Found you through Jen at Denton Sanitorium and I love this idea! I'll be back to link up. But first I have to go write the blog post about the elementary school holiday music spectacular!

  6. Dang! This is having quite the turnout! I mean, especially since it's not even halfway through the first linking day.

  7. Was I supposed to put the buttons in my post?? I didn't cuz I suck!

  8. Oh I am so lame!! I should have renamed my link title something different.

    Quick Recap Part 1 is mine. Just FYI. This is way FUN, I'm glad I found out about it soon enough.

  9. I think I have it down to a scinece now that I had to do the post twice. Anyway, it was a fun look back, thanks for hosting this fun linky!