Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review Extravganza Part 1

I figured I should lead by example and get my first post for the 2010 Review Extravaganza posted, cause you know they say that others learn best if you teach by example. By the way is it just me, or have you ever wondered who this all knowing "they" is.


Don't worry, Friday is still the day to link up, I just hate being late, especially when it's my own party, gesh that would be embarrassing. So here my part 1 of the 2010 Review Extravaganza!!

And by no means do you need to recap the same way I did. In fact, after I read all of your wonderful recaps I might totally change my style of recap for next week.

January 2010

January was a month of recaps and of beginnings--the Cooking Club began!

It was a time I said yes and got these pictures that I will cherish forever!

Then there was this post where I talked about all of the different places I have lived.. it is a lot.

There was the time that Alex told us we should name her then unborn brother Jibba-Jabba.

February 2010

When I started looking through February posts, I found this one.. where I talked about hiding from religious prosulaters that kept coming to my house... and I just busted up laughing as just yesterday they came again! They really are persistent.

And since I live in California-February means bike rides in the park of courseSorry had to throw this in-since it was 3 degrees at my parents house yesterday.

I talked about some more serious issues, of walking that fine line in teaching your kids to respect adults and keeping them safe. And about bullying and turning the other cheek.

March 2010

In March I talked about the dress that nearly suffocated me to death when I was trying to get it on.

We celebrated Eric's 31st Birthday and I shared pictures like this one from our first date

I shared Alex's views of how things will be when she is a mommy, like this one: While she sat on the toilet: "When I'm a mommy, I will cover the whole toilet because Mommy's are bigger"


I had my first paying job as a professional photographer!Yes my logo has changed...

So it was a good three months. My belly was continually expanding (since I was pregnant), I started my photography business and just enjoyed life.

I am so excited to see what each of you do for your recaps. Don't forget to add the button to your post (if you want to be able to enter the giveaway) and link up on Friday!!


  1. Good job, Emmy! I hope I can condense my quarter as well as you did!

  2. Yes Emmy, why didn't you name your new baby Jibba Jabba? haha

    Fun to remember all those things. I'll be linking up on Friday.

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  4. Love the recaps, especially since I didn't follow back then!!

  5. I'm so glad I found you when I did. I'll be back to link up on Friday. This last year was a big one for our family.

  6. This Jibba-Jabba thing is pretty funny.

    I am definitely going to do this. I hope the ladies don't mind if I wait until the last week of Dec. to join in the fun.

    Your umbrella photos are so awesome.

  7. I'll be linking on Friday. Love the recap idea. And love those photos!

  8. I really like this idea! And it's great for new followers to get caught up on the things they've missed over the course of a few posts. I'm going to start working on mine tonight.

  9. ah! now the pressure's on!!! ;-)

  10. Alex says such funny stuff. And aren't you glad you have your blog to remember it all. I am looking forward to Friday!

  11. This is such a neat idea. And I'm thankful you didn't go with Jibba Jabba.

  12. I love this recap, I can't wait to see and read more!

  13. Jibba Jabba??? LOL!!
    That first picture of you and the husband is adorable.

  14. I love looking back over the year and seeing the growth and learning and change that has happened. What a fabulous idea you had!

  15. Thanks for the tutorial! Now I know what to do! :)

  16. oh man, you did a great job picking out a few posts and some great pictures...i will do better next week. mine might have been a little too wordy.

  17. Great pictures!! You take beautiful photographs! I really love the on of you and your hubby...cute captions!

  18. I think I remember all of those recaps. I'm not sure I can remember what I was doing! I will have to check my posts. Hopefully they are interesting enough to link up!

  19. I love the pictures of your daughter in the rain, she is such a cutie. I also love the photo from your first photography job. It has been great to learn more about you though this post. Have a great weekend!