Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letters of Intent


This week I am joining up with Foursons and her Letters of Intent, as well this week it is just needed.

To my body-
All right three weeks. It has now been three weeks that you have had this cold. Sure most of the time it hasn't been too bad, but then you started attacking my voice and now the hacking up stuff cough, I really do not enjoy it. And did you really have to have an uncontrollable coughing fit while I was in the library?? Yes, talk about embarrassing, good thing we were almost done checking out when it started-but still not cool. And just so you know, craving a bunch of snacks and other garbage is not really going to help the cold go away or you look any better. So let's get on the same page, be healthy, eat good things and just help everyone feel much better.
Thank you-
The person who is in charge of the body no matter what it may think

To My kids-
Sorry I have been a bit of a mama bear lately. I blame the cold. I will try to do better. But it really wouldn't hurt if you tried to get along with each other and fight a little less. Really, that's all I ask.
Your mom who really does want to do what is right

To The Weather-
Thank you for being so good to me when lots of other things haven't been lately. I do love the southern California warmth and sunshine. Please don't get all weird and crazy and change on me.
The Girl who is totally acclimated to Southern California

Ah, feeling better now. Who would you write a letter to today?
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  1. I can't even imagine the letter I need to write to myself.

    I hope you get feeling better! That is a dang long time to have a cold hang on!

    Stay in California ! It is ugly out here.

  2. Get well soon! At least you don't have to worry about freezy weather on top of it, no?

    And why does it always seem that my child has the most energy when I'm sick? hee hee!

  3. Sorry you're still sick!! I hope your body gets the memo. I wish we had the beautiful SoCal weather - it's -1 and it's 10 in the morning!

  4. I hate the way a cold lingers forever! My youngest had the flu and has now had the cold part for three straight weeks. I'm tired of his runny nose!

  5. Watch em send you guys to live in the arctic tundra...

  6. I seem to be a bit of a grouchy mom when I'm sick too. I hope you get feeling better soon. The antibiotics the dr gave me better kick in fast!

  7. A cold hit me last night, I sure hope I don't have it three weeks. That's the pits! Hope you get better super soon!

    And don't you just love when your kids play together great, not one of those days where all they do is fight!?

  8. Maybe you need to go to the doctor now. Hope you feel better soon.

    Yes, it does help...immensely when they actually get along.

    I think you know who my letter of intent would be to. haha.

  9. Me = jealous of your weather. It's cold in MN... very, very cold. I'm wearing mittens as I type this (not really) well maybe, and I'm *that* talented ;)

  10. i am loving this weather too...soo sunny and crisp and nice! feels like Spring!

  11. I keep telling my body that it really doesn't need all the junk but it just won't listen, dangit! ;)

  12. So glad you have wonderful weather ... sad that you are still sick. Feel better soon!

  13. Nice letters. I'm a little jealous of your sunny California weather.

    Hope your body listens and you're feeling better!