Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Confessional: Ego

Happy Friday everyone! Do you love Friday's as much as I do? This year they have become my favorite day of the week. 2/3 of my kids have school, no homework in the afternoon, don't have to cook dinner since we go out to eat on Friday's and the promise of the weekend.

And Friday's have an extra little bonus because it is fun to "bare my soul" with Glamazzon and Mamarazzi. Usually I use this chance to rant and rave a bit and just lay out all of the crazy thoughts in my head at the moment. Today I am going to confess about things that make me happy-this isn't to be confused with my Ten Things to Smile About Lists-but just those random things-and so well speaking of my Ten Things list:

#1- when people link up to any memes I do. Let's be honest-after all this is a confessional-it makes me so giddy when more and more people link up, I feel sort of validated as a blogger and happy that people enjoy reading what I write.

Some may say they blog to keep a journal or to keep a record of their life-and while this is part of it-admit it, we all blog for the ego stroke, the validation. If it was just to keep a record of our life or even share with our family we would just have a private blog. We all want to feel connected and like we aren't on this crazy ride alone. Some of us need a little more validation than others-but we all want it.

Which is why sometimes I will put a picture I love on FB and when I don't feel it gets "recognized" enough, I will come post it here as I know you all will throw me some love.
So validate away-how cute is this! Ryder was determined to get that balloon from his sister. Couldn't have posed this moment if I tried.

#2 Cheese- slices, chunks, stringed, the cream variety I love it all. Whether it is all by itself, on crackers, or rolled up in a piece of meat. Mmmm I love cheese.

#3 Making little videos, taking good pictures, creating some awesome craft or project-- especially when I actually finish it, which with the craft thing is often not the case. There is something powerful and wonderful about creating something beautiful-which is why moms are so darn proud of and think their kids are always the cutest-we created them!

#4 Good Food--hmmm I already said cheese--I think I am getting hungry, after all it is breakfast time, so before this post totally becomes about food as that is all I can think about it right now, I am going to end it here and go eat breakfast.

What are some things that make you happy?


  1. My son made sure to picke out two extra pinwheels at the store yesterday for his sisters -- all without prompting. So happy!! I love how you shaded the edges of that photo -- very vintage.

  2. Oh this post just made me happy! I love thinking about things that are happy things. I love cheese too. And food. yum . . .

    And you know I'm going to say this, but I LOVE THAT PICTURE. It's moments like that that make you so happy you had your camera! That is seriously the cutest picture. LOVE IT!!

  3. I agree with all that you said, except you will hardly ever find me doing a craft. ;-)

  4. I love that picture, there is such a determined "MINE" look on his face. So cute!

  5. That picture is awesome!!! hahaha. I love his face. Mine! LOL

    Food Things: Cookies, brownies, and cakes. Yum

    Projects: No matter the project, it is so satisfying when it is done! My mom and made Zumba shirts...I will have to post pictures...eventually. ;)

  6. I read until I saw the picture and it's SO FREAKING FUNNY AND CUTE I had to comment. LOL

  7. I LOVE Ryder's face in that picture! He looks downright ticked off that Alex would dare call that balloon hers, huh???

    Mmmm...cheese! :)

    Sorry it took me so long to get over here. I'm trying to get caught up, so just know that even if I don't comment on every post I missed, I am for sure reading every one.

    Missed you!

  8. Ryder's expression in that photo is just classic!

    I love scrapbooking. I don't allow myself the luxury anymore, but when I complete a page, I get more satisfaction than from anything else.

  9. Could your kids be cuter? For reals I am loving that picture! I want to try to make my kids pose it just so I can have one of my own...but I wont cause I'm too lazy... ;)

  10. How do you get them to play so well together? Seriously, Alex is smiling (and Ryder is looking so stinking determined and cute!) while her balloon is about to be stolen. Adorable.
    Have you tried cream cheese on pizza? I made some last night, and I think I will forever more do that. SO good! Go ahead, try it. I dare you. :)

  11. Aw, your kids are just gorgeous! How do you not just sit and pinch their cheeks all day? Yes, validation. It is what i am after in life, and i'm not afraid to say so!

    Ps-so sorry i didn't link up for status quote! It was on my list...and yes, i am a big jerky blog friend. Sorry! I will do better next time.

  12. That picture is absolutely adorable! And I have to admit that your list made me hungry too. It must be dinner time. :)

  13. I am in love with that photo!!!!! The expression on Ryder's face is classic. The colors are so vivid too. And you are right that us bloggers need some validation; why would we do this publicly if we didn't.

  14. I adore that pic! The look on Ryders face is adorable!

  15. found a spot in my folk's house that is letting me blog jog, trying to get in a few comments before bedtime.

    i am happy that i love close enough to my family that i can jump in the car at a moments notice and be there in just less than 2 hrs.

  16. Aww, love that photo - what a great capture!

    And cheese makes our little guy happy too! Is it ridiculous that we just bought a Costco size bag of string cheese for ONE 4-year-old? eeek!

  17. You are totally right about the blogging thing! ;)
    That picture is so perfect!
    And I am a cheese lover too!!!

  18. i gave brennan benedryl last week so he would take a nap. it was worth every drop!!! and he had had a rash the day before and i forgot to give it to him so i figured it was a make up day from when he should have had it the day before, lol.

  19. i gave brennan benedryl last week so he would take a nap. it was worth every drop!!! and he had had a rash the day before and i forgot to give it to him so i figured it was a make up day from when he should have had it the day before, lol.