Friday, April 15, 2011

Half Way Done

It's Friday! Time for Friday Confessionals with Glamazon and Mamarazzi!

Our spring break is now half-over! It really hasn't been so bad.
I really like the easiness of the mornings... No hurrying to get everyone fed, dressed and ready for school.
Which is a very good thing, especially when you have a daughter that likes to spend 45 minutes in the bathroom.
And no, she is not 14- she is 4.
No joke 45 minutes.
She went to go, I did my makeup, got dressed, curled my hair came back downstairs and found out she was still in the bathroom.
She was completely fine- just still in the bathroom!This picture- which I took yesterday- makes me so happy and sad.
Happy because well just look how cute he is!
Sad- because look at what that sign says- 11 months!
It has gone way too fast.

Remember last week when I was saying I needed a spring break...
We'll mentally I took one this week.
I started reading the Hunger Games - and let's just say I sort of mentally checked out this week.
Been totally caught up in the books- I am almost done with the third one.
So so good!

This mental spring break may have made me forget about a load of laundry in the washer all day
it may have made me slack a little in house work
and it definitely sucked all of my time that I would spend reading blogs.
But as soon as I finish I will try and get caught-up-ish.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Eric is going to be able to take our second week of spring break off
So I really probably won't be around much next week
but then I will be able to come back all refreshed and ready to go
with lots of stories of all of the fun we had.

So head on over and check out the other great confessionals and join in the fun yourself.


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying your time.

    Ryder is 11 months old already? Wow. He is super cute.

  2. Good for you taking some time for yourself. I can get sucked into books like that. Doesn't happen very often any more, but it can happen.

  3. Life stopped when I read the hunger games too! Those books are impossible to put down, definitely my favorite series.

    I just cant believe how old Ryder is, where has the time gone!?

  4. Your little guy is adorable! The first year goes by so fast and the first birthday is always so bittersweet. I need to make more time for reading - I love it, I just don't do it. LOL I'm glad you took some time for yourself this week.

  5. Sounds like Spring Break is being good to you!

    And that picture, PRECIOUS. I love babies with giant smiles - makes my day. :)

  6. you get two weeks for spring break? no fair. I'm so ready for summer. I think. If I really think about it, that just means I have all seven kids at home and I still have to get up early because swim starts at 7am every SINGLE day. So no, as a matter of fact, I'm not ready for summer. I think.

  7. Enjoy your time with Eric!!
    We don't mind...take a break.
    Your baby...I could eat him. Like a donut or something. Scary, right?
    And, I LOVED HUNGER GAMES. I think you knew that? Yeah. LOVED.

  8. Wow time for myself. What a concept! Good for you. You will be missed next week! But have lots of fun. I am jealous. :D Love ya.

  9. Glad you are enjoying your spring break. Our's is next week.

  10. My daughter gave her presentation at her Senior Symposium yesterday. I confess that I cried like a baby!

    Visiting from Mamarazzi's blog.

    ~Ricki Jill

  11. Happy 11 months.

    Occasionally I am glad I have no girls. It is mostly when we have to get somewhere in a hurry.

  12. your baby is just the cutest...i smile every time i see a pic of him!!

  13. man they grow up fast! I totally understand that bittersweet feeling.
    I've heard good reviews of the hunger games. I got so preoccupied with the twilight series, that it scares to me think about picking up another good book! I'm pretty sure my kids would be eating cereal for every meal and the laundry would take over the house:)

  14. Oh yes The Hunger Games totally sucks you in!

  15. I have a little girl like that. She likes to take her time BEFORE school. She drives me nuts.

  16. I got nothin. I'm just a big ol' puddle after seeing his beautiful smile! What a gorgeous little boy he is - I love his joy!

  17. He is such a smiley boy! Reminds me of my nephew when he was that young ... love it! Hope you enjoy the rest of your Spring break!

  18. 45 minutes and she is 4!?! You are going to be in trouble when she is a teen! And Ryder is just the cutest baby EVER!! Love his smiles but it is hard to believe it is 11 months! And The Hunger Games books do tend to suck you in...though I hated the last one.

  19. He is so big now! And to think how tiny he was when he was born!

    Enjoy your spring break! Live it up, and especially enjoy your time with the whole family.

  20. What a cutie! I love it when they start to get close to a year old. They are so much fun!

  21. I'm still reading "Catching Fire". It may take me another month. Eventually I'll have the free time to read. I have faith at least...
    Glad you enjoyed them! I really liked the first one, and have been enjoying the second one too.
    I REALLY Think it's funny that you got Eric hooked too...:)

  22. Hunger Games- SO GOOD!

    Hope you are enjoying your break!

  23. This year has gone way to fast!

    Look at how big Ryder is! You would not know by looking at him that he was a preemie :-)

  24. and he'll be walking soon!!! i need another little miss max, wahhh!!!