Thursday, April 28, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: The Rules

"This hunt is for the four-year-olds only" the man said over the loud speaker. "Four-year-olds get ready-remember folks-4-year-olds only in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1"

And with that the rope was raised as a bunch of four-year-olds scrambled onto the filed trying to gather as many eggs as possible. Alex ran to the side away from the crowd-as her daddy instructed her-allowing her to collect lots of eggs with as little interference as possible.

The eggs were soon cleared from the field and parents entered the field to retrieve their child.

"The 5-year-old hunt will begin in 15 minutes." the man announced. After the field was cleared the staff tossed out a new batch of eggs in preparation for the five-year-olds.

Eric and Alex joined Lucas, Ryder and I along our spot on the side of the field. Alex went through her eggs to see what treats and candies she had gathered. Soon the 5-year-old hunt began. We watched as 5-year-olds scramble to get eggs and we noticed a little girl in purple running to get eggs. She was obviously not 5-she was probably 3 at best-and the fact that she was wearing a diaper helped confirm her young age.

"She is obviously not five", I commented to Eric. But then I tried to be kind and give them the benefit of the doubt and stated "maybe they were late and missed her race so her parents sent her out now."

It was then time for Lucas to head over towards the opening to get his position for the six-year-olds turn. Alex and I stayed on the side so I could take some pictures.

"I don't like this candy" Alex suddenly said. I pointed out a garbage can and she headed over to spit it out. I watched her but stayed where I was so not to lose my good picture taking spot.

She quickly spit out her candy then started heading back. When she had almost made it back she stopped by a mother, father and a little girl.

It was the little girl in purple's family. "What?" I heard them ask as Alex then repeated what she had just said.

"She shouldn't have been in the five-year-old hunt. She isn't 5 and it was just for five-year-olds". Alex chided.

"Alex get over here" I hissed as I realized what she was saying.

The parents just stared and then glared at Alex. They were not happy being reprimanded by a 4-year-old. I am sure I was turning 3 shades of red at this point. "Alex-you do not tell other people what they should or shouldn't do like that" I muttered when she finally came back to my side.

The parents with the girl in purple quickly left for which I was grateful as this was not exactly a proud moment for me as a mom.

Later that day I was downloading the pictures I saw this.See the little girl in purple-whose face I blurred- there next to Alex? Yes-that is the cute little girl in purple-in the 4-year-old hunt!

No wonder why her parents scowled at Alex--a 4-year-old caught them in their act.

This post is brought to you as part of Proud Mommy Moments.

What are Proud Mommy Moments?? Glad you asked. This is a new weekly meme that Kmama of The Daily Dribbles and I will be hosting.

Life with children is often very interesting. There will be times when our children will receive an award, accomplish something great and we will be beaming with pride. And then there are moments like the one that I just described where proud could easily be replaced with embarrassed- but at least it gives us something to blog about.

So beginning next week, every Thursday you can link up with either Kmama or I and tell us your Proud Mommy Moment. Whether it be something that truly makes you proud or something that makes you want to hang your head in embarrassment. You can head over to Kmama's blog today-click here- and see an example a a truly Proud Mommy Moment.

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  1. We love community egg hunts they are a little crazy sometimes but fun.

  2. Hee hee! Go Alex. Though I would have totally been embarrassed as well.

  3. It's awful to be busted by a four year old. But then, rules is rules.

  4. Jake is my kid that busts other parents all the time.

    I just pretend I don't know him. ;)

  5. You can guess that girl did the three year old hunt too! Parents are funny, the kids don't usually even care if they don't get very many, but the parents always do.

    Our city hunt had different age groups in different sections all going at the same time. Good for preventing cheaters, but less good for mommies with cameras and kids in different sections going at the same time!

    This sounds like a fun meme!

  6. I don't get it...Why would a parent encourage their child to lie and cheat for a few extra freaking eggs?! Clearly, they are instilling some serious values in this child....

  7. I helped at my in- laws church egg hunt one year. I never will again. It's for the whole neighborhood, not just the church, and those parents were ridiculous. Egg Hunts make me crazy. Good for your little girl, I love a rule- follower!!

  8. It also looks like she is eying Alex's basket! I love that Alex totally busted them. LOL.

  9. Yeah, those parents deserved to be told off. Probably even sworn at. Too bad we can't teach our kids to swear, eh? I would have been proud too.

    I think you have read my post on Easter Egg hunts, right?

  10. WTG, Alex! I love it when parents try to get away with things and the the KIDS catch them. LOL Great idea for the proud parent moments link up. I might have to participate.

  11. Guess they're teaching their kid early how to be a politician.

  12. what I wonder is...WHY? What was in those eggs that made grown people want to cheat? :)

  13. Love your little hallway monitor! :) And as embarrassing as it may have been, I'm glad she called them on it :)

  14. I'm laughing. I can't help it.

  15. That is too funny!! I would have secretly been clapping - ha ha!

  16. I'm glad they were called out. Maybe they'll think twice next time!

  17. Good for Alex!!! And those egg hunts can get nuts...mostly because of the grown ups!

  18. Oh my goodness, that's fantastic! She has such spunk!!

  19. Some people! That is hilarious that you guys caught them in the act!

    Tacky. Tacky, tacky. Not you, them.

  20. Oh, that is hilarious! They were trying to get extra candy for themselves. LOL

    Love your and Kmama's idea! :)

  21. I love this idea! I'll have to see if I can come up with something! I don't talk about Emma too much on my blog but this may be a good excuse to do so...