Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Confessionals: Mama

It's Friday and I am really need the cathartic venting I get from Friday Confessionals, but before I jump in some business. The adorably cute Amy of Involuntary Smiles started a new meme that is all about taking time for you- I didn't participate this week but definitely plan on it in the future- you can read about it here- definitely worth checking out.

And speaking of memes did you see the introduction of Proud Mommy Moments? If not check out yesterday's post- this is going to be fun. And the final bit of business- this months Ten Things To Smile About This Month is going to be on MONDAY! So please write up your list and link up.

Okay venting confessing time. Head over to Glamazon's and Mamarazzi's to join in the fun.

  • I know what I want for Mother's Day.
  • I want a day to myself and some money to spend while I am alone.
  • This mama needs wants new clothes
  • Well I want some alone time for shopping and such things that are much easier without kids and then I want to go to dinner with my BFF Lourie (CA Girl)
  • Got it Eric? And Rich? (CA Girl's husband)
  • Good thing my husband reads my blog.
  • And well is it sort of ironic that for Mother's Day I want a break from the reasons I am a mother in the first place...
  • hmmm oh well it's what I still want.
  • Yesterday I saw this lady totally screaming and yelling at her kids in the store.
  • It made me realize that life goes too quickly and is too precious to ever act like that.
  • But this may have been a bit hard to remember come homework time that afternoon.
  • I hate homework.
  • Though I still wasn't as bad as that lady.
  • When I was little I used to love homework-especially when I was in grade school. I thought I was so cool and big because I had homework.
  • And okay I may have sort of been a nerd and brown-noser
  • But when I was in school homework was rare- not every day.
  • Going on vacation last week was so good for me.
  • I came back from it ready to try and be a better mom.. I want my kids childhood to be magical.
  • No I am not going to wear a top hat and perform magic tricks-but just do the little things, notes with lunches, build forts, go on "adventures" with them
  • I feel this drive but then I don't follow through with it nearly enough
  • this is why I like Amy's blog so much-she truly seems to make life magical for her children
  • Tomorrow's cooking Club recipe is going to be the last... my SIL's and MIL and I are all sort of burned out and after a year and a half are done with it
  • Instead we are starting some organizational/cleaning type goals that we are going to do with each other
  • I will miss Rachel's food pictures-though she still will being posting food pictures on her food blog here --don't go there if you are hungry though as she takes dang good food pictures
  • And well I really want to get back to the book I am reading so I am ending here.
  • Oh though I have to say I read Hunger Games-more like devoured Hunger Games and love love loved them!
What are your confessions?


  1. I want the SAME thing for Mother's Day. And I'm hoping the hubs will cooperate and let me hook up with the bestie, too. I love my boys, but we all need a break from time to time. Childhood feels like an eternity to the child, but to the parent, it all moves too fast. I need to remember to slow down, too. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Sounds like a perfect mothers day gift to me!

    I will miss the cooking club, but we started it when I lived in OK in 2008, so I think it's okay to have a few years break. if we want to start it again in five years, that's okay since we will all still be cooking . . . Thanks for all the niceness about my food pictures! You are sweet!


  3. Yes that is what every mother wants for mother's day! I said the other day to my mom and sis my top three things for mother's day: No cooking. No cleaning. And leave me alone. HAHAHHA.

    I will make sure Rich reads your blog! ;)

  4. That is exactly what I wanted for Mother's Day, too. But I felt guilty for wanting it . . .

  5. I want the opportunity to sleep in and then spend time with my family--maybe barbeque--and no dishes, laundry or anything domestic all day. Guess I'd better get it all done the day before.
    I want my kids to remember that we spent time with them and we did fun stuff--camping, drive to the mountains, hiking, bike riding, afternoons at the park, with bigger trips thrown in every so often. I want them to know we loved them. Even when they were baffling us with their homework.

  6. I totally agree on the time away with a friend for Mother's Day. That sounds heavenly.

  7. I think Mother's Day should be a two-part event. One half for you to do something completely on your own if you wish, and the other half to enjoy the children who made it Mother's Day. :) Maybe they should change it to Mother's Day weekend?

  8. I'm so going to request a girls night out for mothers day..when is it anyways!? lOL..I saw Amy's meme and I think it's a great idea...unfortunately I don't take enough mommy time to be able to of these days I will. I love AMY and her blog!

  9. Aw, you are so sweet! You mentioned me TWICE!!! And that just made my day. Which is awesome because I am not having a very awesome day (read my post today). I hope you get your wish for Mother's Day. It is so important to take time for you. That is what will make you the best mom in the world.

    Just so you know, until the move is done, I can't play along with your memes. Boo. But when it is all over and done, I absolutely will. I am excited for the Proud Mommy Moment. Awesome idea.

  10. I HATE when I see a mom go crazy on her kids in the store. :(

  11. I so know what you mean about feeling such a drive, but then having a hard time following through!

    I need to be so much better!

    I think your mother's day requests sound fabulous!

  12. The recipes will be missed - as I'm not a cook naturally and keep hold of easy recipes!

    Be easy on yourself, eh?! You're a fantastic mother! Thankfully, we're given second chances all the time - minute after minute and day after day!

    Happy May!

  13. I despise homework! It's one of the few reasons I want school to be over! It's really just the constant fight to get it done that I hate-and that's for one kid! For some reason my 1st grader doesn't have homework, not complaining, tho!