Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About

Another month has come and gone so that means it is time for Ten Things to Smile About. This is my monthly meme where you can take the chance to look back and find the good/funny things that happened during the month-as I am definitely a glass half full kind of gal and there is always something good.

So grab the button, write your list and link up! The linkey will be open all week, so if you do not have your list done for today, please please feel free to link up anytime this week. And speaking of linking-don't forget this Thursday will be the debut of Proud Mommy Moments-read about it by clicking here.

Ten Things to Smile About-April

1. Ryder crawling for the first time
2. Blog Joy- not only getting an awesome package from my swap partner but also getting to meet and have lunch with another blogging friend Glamazon!
3. Making cupcakes with friends

4. Getting away for a week to Vegas with the family

5. Easter- a chance to celebrate our Saviors birth and have fun with eggs

6. Getting my Easter wish and taking a picture of my family in their Easter clothes

7. Ice cream at Sonic

8. Walking with my BFF Lourie

9. Watching Lucas get better and better at soccer each week

10. Hearing one of the parent classroom volunteers talk about how sweet and kind Lucas is and saying he is at the top of the class.

So write your list, grab the button and tell me what good things happened to you in April.


  1. Those are great things to be happy about. :)

  2. Way to go Lucas! April was good to you. And I may or may not have to "borrow" some of these things. ;)

  3. April was a fantastic month for you! Your kids are quite fantastic! And can I just add that Sonic ice cream is delicious?!

  4. great list. it is always good to hear others like your child and that they are doing well.

  5. I always love your lists!! :)

  6. These are great, what a great idea!

  7. So sweet!

    Love the Easter pic!

  8. Yay for Lucas! That IS great! And Ryder crawling . . .aah! how did he grow up so fast!?!?!?

  9. Great ice cream shot!
    Such cute things to smile about.

  10. I love hearing about how sweet Lucas is! :) That does a mom's heart some real good!

    What a great month over there!

  11. You do have a lot to smile about. Loving that Easter photo.

  12. Still jealous about that lunch :)

  13. Wow you got to do all kinds of awesome things this month. That Easter picture is adorable.

    The blog lunch sounds fun. The longer I blog the more fun a bloggy meet up sounds.

  14. perfect list of all things wonderful!

  15. I actually posted EARLY!!!! Can you even believe it?!?!! I didn't know how to paste your linky in on my iPad though. I'm sorry friend.

    And look at Ryder cruise away. I can't even believe how big and healthy he is. What a sweet blessing! The photo of your sweet three in their Easter finest is my fav.

    Happy May!