Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Favorite Things

I was lucky enough to be able to participate in Mamarazzi's Your Favorite Thing Swap
I was linked up with another blogger who I was supposed to send my favorite things to. Mamarazzi linked me up with Rachel the self proclaimed Kooky Queen.
A Little Bit of Kooky

I had never read Rachel's blog before and so ventured over there and totally enjoyed everything I read. She hasn't been blogging as much lately as she just has a brand new little guy (if I lived closer I would totally want to take his picture-so cute!).

And I remember all too well that life with a newborn is tiring -which ended up being a big theme of the package that Rachel sent me.

I was very excited when I opened and saw all of these cutely wrapped presents and of course I opened them right away. Rachel attached a little message to each telling why she sent it and why she likes it.

1- Antibacterial hand soap-Carmel Dream!! I might just want to eat my hands after using this
2- To Go Fabrezze- Oh my van needs this!
3- Bath & Body Works Lavender Chamomile Sleep Hand Soap-The note attached said "I love Lavender! And This one is Lavender SLEEP soap, haha! Did I say I love sleep yet? Well, I LOVE sleep"--poor Rachel is so sleep deprived
4- Spa Facial Face Tonic- "We all need pampering! Especially Mamas"-- AMEN!!
5- Tropical Papaya Antibacterial Hand Gel
6- Cadbury Carmel Egg- When my husband saw these he said oh something for me. Now if they had been the regular cadbury eggs, I would have said yes-but these are the CARMEL ones-they are all mine!!
7- Close Your Eyes CD by The Sushybye Dream Band-Can't wait to listen to learn some new songs to sing to Ryder
8- Cadbury Mini Eggs- Rachel loves Easter candy and well so do I! I might share these with Eric.. maybe :)
9- Cookie Cutter set- and these are the nice metal ones! Definitely will be using these during spring break
10- A Naughty/Nice Sleep mask-hehe so love it!
11- epoch Firewalker Relaxing Foot Cream-oh heaven! And maybe if Eric rubs it on my feet for me I will use the naughty sleep mask tonight
12- Cute Ribbon-she makes adorable bows-see #14
13- Extra Gum-she uses this to help stay awake while driving-- I might just have to pass this on to Eric as he definitely gets sleepy behind the wheel
14- Four ADORABLE handmade bow/clips--she has her own business-see it by clicking here-with some many cute cute things and her prices are awesome! I think I will be ordering some bows and hats soon for photography props
And Rachel's "sleepy" package seriously had perfect timing. The night before I got it-Ryder woke up twice during the night and woke up a third time at 5:30 AM ready to be up and ready for the day! It was still dark out, mama was not happy. So all of these sleepy pampering things could not have come at a better time!

So thank you Rachel. I have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to getting to know her more.


  1. Those are some awesome favorite things.

    Off to check out her blog!

  2. What an awesome prize pack. I love the sleep mask!

  3. What fun! Where can I find out what your favorite things are that you sent?

  4. Ryan sat here and counted each gift (from the pic of them wrapped and numbered) haha. I have never seen or smelled caramel hand sanitizer. Sounds yummy. haha. You got some good stuff.

  5. A wonderful package! Looks like some yummy and useful stuff.

  6. It's almost like being on Oprah, except no one goes to Australia.

    I love those caramel Cadburries.

  7. You got some great stuff!! The eye mask is cute! Love the little hair bows. Seems like everyone is getting Cadbury Eggs, must be the season! :)

  8. What a great swap package! Mmmm...mini Cadburry Eggs (they're my favorite!).

  9. You scored!! :)
    Do you want to lick your hands when you're done washing them?

  10. Very cute package!

    I need to try the Febreeze to go!

    Enjoy :)

  11. I love the wrapping...so cute and springy!

    Naughty...LOVE IT!

    Great package!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the eye mask. I've always wanted one but I never seem to buy myself one!

    I'm a sucker for cute bows!

    I can't live without my Bath and Body hand wash. I have one at every sink!

    I'll take those carmel eggs off of your hand!

    She hooked you up!

  13. What a perfect package...Rachel is great!

  14. Wow, that's such a fun package to get!

  15. Such an awesome package! I'm in love with the caramel ones as well - I wouldn't have given away any of them!

    Can't wait to see what you gave her!

  16. What a cute little twist to put notes on all of the gifts! Love it!

  17. yay! looks like another great match, dang...i am goooood!

    love the naughty eye mask, adorable!

  18. Carmel Dream soap?! Ayyiyi! Better not wash your hands with that, and then eat one of those Caramel eggs...you may not know when to stop!

    Awesome favorite things, Emmy!

  19. No one knows how to handle sleep issues better than a new Mommy! Love the mask!

    Gone are my days of cute bows in my girls hair. **sniffsniff**

  20. So happy you loved it all! It was so fun to do!!! :) I'll keep tabs on you, girl! Stay in touch!

  21. What a fun package! The handsoap sounds like it smells amazing. Those hair bows are TOO CUTE!