Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Monthly Vlog


I am once again participating in Mamarazzi and Shawn's Monthly Vlog. It was a lot of fun last time I participated and this time they are using one of my questions I submitted!

So this time I asked is there a name you can't stand and why? And along with this do you like your own name (anonymous people can just say yes or no and explain don't have to tell name).

Shawn and Mamarazzi also asked:

Ocean or Mountains?
Sweet or Salty?
Early Bird or Night Owl?
Edward or Jacob?
Book or Kindle?
Manicure or Pedicure?
MAC or PC?

And finally the Show & Tell portion:

Beth @ Living a Goddess Life wants to know: What is in your handbag/purse? If you are a mommy that is carrying around a diaper bag INSTEAD of a handbag, show us what is in there!

And here is my Vlog-enjoy!! And go check out the other great Vlog at either Mamarazzi's and Shawn's.


  1. Oh I was the early bird too. And now...just like you...up too late and up way early. I miss sleeping in. Your vlog could easily be mine...except the end with the purses. ;)

  2. I go for the pedicure too, and I can't believe how Apple-y you are! I want to get a MacBook Pro. Any hints or tips I should know about?

  3. I was always team Jacob. :).

    And that is why I liked washington, it had mountains AND ocean too.

    Your camera purse is cute!! I've seen a few that I have my eye on, but they are down the list.

  4. My stupid sound on my laptop is broken so I skipped to the purse. That is a giant camera you have in there. Takes up like half the space. My purse has a camera too, but I call it a satchel.

  5. Great idea with what names don't you like, but how are you going to come up with a question and then not state names?! LOL just messing with you... I love both bags...I wish I had such a nice camera!! I'm jealous! Great vlog.

  6. I wish I had an awesome camera. We still just have a point and shoot. Someday....

    And we are an Apple family too! We've gone through 6 iPhones. Um, 4 iPods. 2 MacBooks. So want iPad2 and Apple TV. Yeah, we are an Apple family! Would love to get an iMac soon. LOL!

  7. YAY Apple Family!!

    I'm so glad that i don't have to carry a diaper bag anymore!

  8. Pedicures, Mountains, but love the ocean when I can get there, I want a kindle, but love books, really any way I can find to read.
    That is an awesome camera bag!

  9. Yay! Neither for mani or pedi. :)
    Me too.
    Yer adorable.
    Get off the Apple. You're addicted.

  10. Mac all the way!!!!!

    we call it a paci too!!

    I love your camera bag- my hubby bought me a camera backpack for christmas - but I'd much rather have a bag like yours!!


  11. Isn't it funny how we associate people with names? There are several names I would never name my girls because I would always think of that B from high school!

    I can hear Miley Cyrus singing The Best of Both Worlds now...thanks!

    I love that your husband has a team too, mine was Team Alice!

    Dang girl, you are loaded up on the Apple products aren't you?!!? Two iPad 2's?

    I have to say I am thrilled that I am out of the diaper bag stage! Awe the paci, my girls where so addicted, one in each hand and one in the mouth.

    I love your camera strap, I've been wanting to make one for myself but ned to find the clips. I'm sure I will cave and order one online and skip the whole DIY thing.

  12. wow, you ARE an Apple family!

    did you just tell the blogsphere that your hubz is team Jacob?

    i died laughing...Big Daddy did the whole Twilight thing with our daughter J....i couldn't get into it, i think i am a rebel like that!

  13. I love that camera bag! So jealous! I have a backpack type one, I like it but it's hard to open sometimes.

  14. I'm a little jealous of all your Mac stuff! Especially the iPads!

    I'm the same with the Kindle- I swore books were better... until I got a Kindle.

  15. You are soooo gorgeous! I wish I looked that good on camera! :P

    That camera bag is so cute! :)

  16. That camera bag is fantastic!! Your camera makes me quite jealous!

    Loved your vlog! Love that you're all Apple!!

  17. In the 5th grade, I use to pretend that my real name was Elizabeth, which it's not... my teacher went along with it, called me by it, I signed my name as it. I still don't adore my name, sigh.

    I don't carry a diaper bag, I just shove the essentials in my bag :) Call me crazy~

  18. First, can I just tell you how pretty you look for being all wet and no make up?! Your skin is gorgeous!
    Great name question.
    I am worried that your husband has taken a side in the ed/jake debate. (and I'm jealous he took you to the movies in the first place...)

  19. You look great with no makeup... makes me hate you a little . I kid I kid, LOL.

    Does your hubby know that you outted him as a Jacob fan? Bawwwhaaahaa that was cracking me up!

    LOVE your camera bag, wish I had your camera too - so nice!

    I am finally thinking I don't need a diaper bag anymore, just maybe a little tote with a diaper or two & a change of clothes, well unless we are going somewhere for more then a couple hours. YAY! Now I need to get myself a cute purse! :)

  20. Okay I'm seriously going to have to invest in a MAC!!! Thanks for sharing!