Monday, April 11, 2011

The Status Quote

It's that time again, time to copy those funny/weird/strange FB (or twitter) status updates for an easy and fun post. Then grab the button, publish your post and link back up with CA Girl or I. My commentary is in blue.

Sometimes on facebook we take the time to ask the world why certain things happen.

"Why am I always the one making the stupidest face??? :)

"Why do I always pick the wrong line at Wal*Mart?"

And speaking of Walmart:

"Having a blood pressure machine in a Walmart seems a little ironic.
"-Actually that is incredibly smart as they know being in their will raise your blood pressure making your more likely to stop at the pharmacy and ask what you can buy to lower your blood pressure.

And then there's always the status about cleaning

"I don't know why, but every time I'm trying to clean, the boys make me super angry.
"-probably because you know it is there mess you are cleaning up in the first place

"Sure wish the cleaning fairy would remember to make a stop at my house. She's got dishes calling her name. And how about the dinner fairy? And the "play with the kids" fairy? I think they should all show up when mom calls in a sick day".
--I think we are all on the lookout for those fairies

And the little joys in life

"Was enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon nap, until a book was dropped on my head.
"-my status unfortunately

"The total number of times I have walked into our screen door has not yet exceeded the total number of times I have fallen while putting my pants on.
"-we are all wondering how many times with this one

And then just the funny/bizzare ones-and yes Ross these are all from you

"I think that limiting the nuggeting of animals to only chicken was a mistake.

"Fact: Married people cut their toenails less frequently than their single counterparts as to have weapons during blanket-stealing warfare."

"I hate it when I'm singing along to a song, and the artist gets it wrong".
--Yes, this happens when I listen to songs all the time!! Just ask Eric

So see fun and easy! Grab the button, write your list and link up. It makes CA Girl and I so happy when you do!


  1. I had a status about cleaning the other day! Thanks for the giggles!

  2. The total number is 5. At least that I can remember.

    The toe nail one was the best. Great stuff.

  3. I like the way you set it up this time. Very clever. And we do seem to post that way.

  4. The toenail one is cracking me up!

  5. I saw Laurie's about the wrong line at Walmart!!! LOL So true!

  6. Hmm ... I linked up - for the first time! Woo!!

    There are a ton of fantastic status' lately!

  7. Hahahaha! Waking up from a nap by a book to the head does not sound fun! Which of your darlings was responsible?

  8. too funny. And I think I've had a book dropped on my head too . . .

  9. I love Ross's last comment. I totally giggled out loud because I swear music artist's are wrong all the time!

  10. Oh the toenails! So true!! hahah

    Those are some good ones!

    You make a good point about the BP machine in Walmart! It's a total conspiracy!

  11. very funny friends on FB are always cracking me up!!

  12. FUNNY! My favorite one is the one about the nuggets. I just can't even imagine saying that. Ever!

    Cute idea for a post, Emmy. You are so dang clever!

  13. yahoo!!! I'm glad you're my sister in law! :)

  14. The nuggeting one makes me crack up!

  15. I am laughing my head off over the nuggeting one! Pure genius:)

  16. I cant even get the words to twinkle twinkle little star right.

  17. I laughed so hard about falling over while putting pants on...And I thought I was the only one that happened to.