Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Mugs: Mother's Day

How was your Mother's Day? I hope it was wonderful. I had a great weekend and decided a great way to recap it would be by liking up with Oswald Cuties Monday Mugs as the theme for today is Mother. --Today Monday Mugs is being hosted by Kim From Pair Slices-another blog I love.

My Mother's Day celebration began last week when I enjoyed a Mommy and Child tea party with Alex at her preschool.
Followed up on Friday by an adorable program Lucas' class put on. They sang "You are My Sunshine" and Skidamarinki-dinki-dink (how in the world do you spell that??) and gave us their presents they had made, including their hand print on a tile.
Saturday I got my mother's day wish and had an awesome afternoon out with my BFF CA Girl. We hit four different stores and went out to dinner at Mimi's Cafe where we both ate way too much-- too much to even have room for desert! We had lots of good laughs, showed appreciation for our meal-french style, and there may have even been an accidental partial moon in the dressing room.

I ended up with two skirts, two shirts, work out pants and a shirt (needed it after our dinner!), and two pair of shoes! Oh and Ryder's birthday present, since we were right by Toys R Us-which is this Saturday!! How is he going to be 1 already??

And here is one of the outfits
skirt-$1.68, shirt $14.40, shoes-ones I already owned.

And when I got back from shopping-Lucas and Alex were both in the shower, the house was all clean and there was a mother's day sign, flowers, and homemade cards from the kids waiting for me!
Then on Sunday Eric made breakfast-Egg and a Hats, lunch and dinner!

Lunch was chicken nuggets for the kids and a tray of sushi I had bought the day before for the grownups.
Dinner was pork chops, rice, garlic bread, pears and blueberry cake for desert.

It was a wonderful Mother's Day-weekend (the way I think it just might have to be from now on-hehe)

Hope you had a great weekend too!

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  1. Boy, I wish my wife liked Mother's Day sushi or sushi in general. Looks like the day was almost perfect for you. I hope that it was.

  2. Aww, looks like you had a blast! I can't wait til I get skinny and can buy awesome clothes for 1.68. :) Seriously! That looks great!
    I've never had sushi. It skeeers me.

  3. OH! And I didn't realize Ryder's bday is one day after mine! YAY!

  4. The skirt and blouse look really good on you!!! It was a total blast on Saturday. Glad your Sunday was fantastic too!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day! Mother's Day sushi - yum!

    Your outfit is fantastic! And what a deal!!

    Can't wait for Status Quote - I've been waiting all week!!

  6. Emily you look fabulous! Sounds like you had a fun weekend! It's so good to get away once in a while.

  7. What an awesome mother's day!! Love the new outfit, and what a great score on that skirt!

  8. What a bunch of cute mommy pictures. Your outfit is darling as well.

    Looks like you totally scored for the big day.

  9. It couldn't have been more perfect. Honestly! I can't believe that skirt was just $1.68. How is that even possible?

  10. Everything sounds so wonderful and wow! That is a great outfit, even without the awesome deals!

    So so nice. I'm glad it turned out so nice for you.

  11. Sounds like such a fun weekend!

    I love your outfit!

  12. Everyone ... including you ... look so cute! Love that sun costume. And it is hard to believe that Ryder is 1!!! How did that happen? Coming home to a clean house is the best gift ever!

  13. Cute outfit! I can't believe your baby is almost 1! What happened?

  14. What a cute little sun!!
    I was craving sushi so bad for Mothers day! We got a few rolls but I needed more! LOL LOVE SUSHI.
    What a cute outfit for such a great price!
    Looks like a great mothers day!

  15. Thanks for linking up!!! I am so excited I got at least one! Your mother's day weekend sound wonderful, I love the all the clothes you are wearing in this post, we have similar tast, wish we were close enough to shop together!

    PS- Also, cannot believe Ryder will be 1 already!

  16. Sounds like my perfect kind of Mother's day, just lovely!

    And you look just great!