Monday, May 9, 2011

The Status Quote

Hello! Are you on Facebook, or Twitter, and sometimes read status that just make you laugh or scratch your head? Then copy those status-no need to tell who it came from, and paste for an easy and fun blog post. Then grab the button and link up with either CA Girl or I-you can link up at either blog-it will show up in both lists.

My commentary is in blue

"This space in now open for adoring compliments and messages. Don't waste it, OK? You. Are. Welcome.
"--we all want attention and love don't we? Some of us just aren't brave enough to ask for it.

And see-someone else wanting recognition
I wonder how many people will "like" this status in which I say absolutely nothing?"

"Why is it that even though I haven't gone to school in 3 years, I'm still having dreams about taking tests and the stress that comes with that?" -Last night I dreamed that I was having a hard time sleeping all night-so even though I slept all night I woke up feeling exhausted!

"Honey, you shouldn't be doing those dishes; it's Mother's Day. They can wait until tomorrow.
"-if I didn't know this guy and know he was totally joking I would think what a jerk!

"I don't understand why they call them men's dress shoes because they don't even go with any of my dresses
"--this one made me laugh

"I can't help but think that if God had used a Mac instead of a PC to invent the world, humans and other animals would have a lot less problem with constipation. (Also, colors would be even more sharp and vivid.)
"--yes as a Apple fan I loved it and one of the responses to this post was just as good
"We wouldn't have to worry about health care, because no one would get viruses :)"

"To everyone in the drop off zone NO CUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"-this could be my status almost everyday

So fun, simple post. So grab the button, write your posts and link up.


  1. Score! I'm the second in on it!

    This makes me jealous ... I really want a Mac now!

  2. Ha! I love the Mac one.

    I still dream about being in college and missing the entire first half of a semester and heading into midterms not even knowing where my class is located. I hate those dreams.

  3. Now you're making me want a Mac even more! It's so funny how we all go back to the school dreams at some point in our lives!

  4. I enjoyed the Mac one, too. We have such witty friends :)

  5. Oh the mother's day is totally risking bodily injury even in jest. hahaha. I hate when people in the drop off take CUTS!!!!!!!! Grrrr. ;)

  6. I swear I saw that first one on Mamarazzi's wall once! LOL!

  7. Bahahahaha ok when you see me copy and paste one of these you can have a good laugh all over again! This is one of my favorite parts of the week:)

  8. I think I want to steal that first status!

  9. This was my not so funny month. I better do better next time :(