Thursday, May 5, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: Scriptures

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Every evening we read a few verses from the scriptures with our kids. Often Eric will quiz the kids at the end, not to see if they learned anything, but to see if they were even listening. So needless to say, when about a month ago both kids started asking for their own set of scriptures-we were a bit skeptical.

Maybe when you are a bit older- we tried to convince them.

But Grandma Mimi came to the rescue and for Easter gave Lucas and Alex both their own set of scriptures and bags to carry them... except we may have sort of forgot to give them their scriptures on Easter (sorry Mimi!) So on Monday, after our Family Home Evening, we gave the kids their presents.

They were both ecstatic! Lucas immediately asked if we could read from them. Eric read a verse and then it was Lucas turn and he read almost an entire verse himself, with just a little bit of help. Eric kept saying, 'I knew you could read some but had no idea you could read that well'. I pointed out the words to Alex as I read. They both kept asking to read more and more. Lucas even said he wanted to read from his scriptures for fun things that night and that they were his favorite thing.

And the next day, one of the first things Alex did was get her scriptures and ask if I could read from them. Let's just say I couldn't be happier and am glad that we didn't wait until they were older (thanks Mimi) to give them their own sets. I just hope and pray that they always love the scriptures this much. Very Proud Mommy Moment.

What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?


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  2. That is definitely something to brag about!!

  3. Ryan wants his own set of scriptures so badly. I think that is great that Mimi got scriptures for them. Truly awesome.

  4. I totally agree with Kmama. That is great!!

  5. I love when the kids "get it" spiritually. :)

  6. That is so awesome Em! Doesn't that just make you as happy as can be?!?! I agree with you, may they ever love them so much!!

  7. That is fabulous!! I apologize for the double link up. I didn't realize yall were using the same linky. This is a great meme!!

  8. Definitely a proud mama moment!

  9. Wow... what a great proud mom moment. It's good that they're actually paying attention and enjoy it enough to ask for their own.

  10. What a wonderful foundation you have built for them. Clearly it's getting stronger and stronger!

  11. What a sweet moment! Reminds you why you try, right?

  12. Proud Mommy Moment for sure! My kids (Except Boo) have at least a Book of Mormon of their own, and for the most part, they've learned to respect it.
    Not perfect, mind you. I think every set has at least a little crayon in it.
    We're getting there...