Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Ride

I step into line.
It is long, I cannot see the end.
But I have heard so many great things about this ride
that I decide it is worth the wait.

I hear distant screams,
Some sound excited, some sound sad
and some are terrified.

I move forward a few feet.
I begin to notice those around me.
Some are taller than me, some are shorter,
Some look a lot like me.

"Hello" I say.
A friendly face smiles back.
Soon we are engrossed in conversation.

We have kids the same age,
We share similar beliefs and values
And we laugh together.

The line moves slowly forward.

Soon I am surrounded by a crowd.
More friends than I could have imagined.
Trust, friendship, understanding, love
This is good.

I hardly notice the line anymore,
but deep down I know our destination is approaching.

Suddenly there it is- we have made it.
I approach the gate excited for my turn,
my friends right there with me.

"Sorry-they can't come with" the man says with a wave of his arm.
"You have to ride this one alone."

I turn towards all of those familiar faces,
how can I leave them?
How can I do this alone?

But I have waited all of this time,
the pull of the ride is so great, so strong,
so inevitable.

I wave goodbye,
no tears leave my eyes-
those will come later.

I take my seat
and the ride begins.

We are moving in two weeks.
It's time to ride the roller coaster.
{image from here}

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  1. Beautiful write.

    Yes, but when the ride comes to an end, there will be new friends to meet.

    Take care, you'll be fine. Just take it one step at a time :-)

  2. And what a ride it it.

    I hope all goes well for you over the next couple of weeks.

  3. Good Luck! You'll be fine. And think of all the new friends you'll get to add to your life, while still keeping the old!

  4. I'd rather ride the moving roller coaster any day over and amusement park coaster...Those things scare the beegeezes out of me!

    Good luck, you'll be a blessing to everybody you meet!

  5. So beautifully written!

    Moving is so hard. So hard. All of your bloggy friends will still be here, though. xo

  6. This post is amazing girl! It is so true to life. And your roller coaster ride is a total extreme one. I am glad it's not super far.

  7. Oooooohhh, this is a good one!! I freaking thought you were in line at Disney or something. **forehead slap**

  8. I am sure it's super hard to pack and move every couple of years. You are such a likeable person though, I'm sure you'll make a ton of new friends. And the beauty of technology makes it possible for you to stay in touch with all the friends you are leaving behind.

  9. You wrote this so well. And I agree that moving is an enormous and frightening prospect when you like where you are. Good luck. Beautiful writing.

  10. Oh Em!!!! That was so beautiful to read. Moving is so bitter sweet, I hope it all goes well for you! Hope you love the ride!!

  11. Wonderfully written!
    Life is such a ride! Good Luck on the ride, hope you adjust quickly.

  12. Great poem, good luck with your move. I'm sure you'll make lots of great friends where ever you go.

  13. Good luck with your move! Big moves are stressful and scary but I'm sure you'll love your new home and adjust quickly.

  14. Aww, so bittersweet! But glad to know that you've made friends during your stay!

  15. Wow. I'm super impressed. Was that all you? I have no skills in writing OR photography. How would we ever be friends in real life?

  16. We are all rooting for you and the journey and destination will be amazing :)

    Hey- congrats on getting to be Shell's BFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hoping everything goes well and that it's a smooth transition for everyone. Now, if we could only get you to the East Coast, that would be fantastic!! Just saying!

  18. What a fun ride you will have. And thank heavens for blogging, hu? You will still be able to keep in touch with everyone.