Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Things to Smile About

It's the last day of May! How did that happen already? And well, around here, the end of the month means time for Ten Things to Smile About! This is your chance to look back on the month and find the good and funny things and share for the rest of us to enjoy too. If you do not have your list done for today-PLEASE feel free to play along and link up anytime this week!!

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Ten Things to Smile About in May

1. Celebrating Ryder's 1st birthday! How can my baby be one?

2. Finally figuring out when and where we are going to move.. fingers crossed we get the house we want now.

3. Not ending up with lock jaw after a pin went halfway into my foot

4. Being featured as Shell's BFF and the new blogging friends I met because of it!

5. Ryder's 1 year photo shoot
(see more pictures here)

6. Mother' Day! And the fun I had celebrating it

7. Seeing my kids total excitement in receiving their first set of scriptures

8. Pictures like this

9. School awards, soccer trophies and Lucas first love note from a girl

10. Actually getting a lot of things cleaned out and making my junk drawer go from the first to the second

What did you have to smile about this month?


  1. love the clean drawer! I need to do some of that myself!

  2. Those photos of Ryder are adorable! My youngest turns one this week and I feel a whole crazy mix of emotions about it. It feels huge!

    That drawer transformation is awesome! How would you feel about stopping by to tackle a few at my house...doesn't that sound like fun?

    Have a great week!

  3. Love those pictures of Ryder, especially the one where he's using the toy to get to the piano! Reminds me of Buster when he was young.

  4. YAY for clean junk drawers!!!

  5. I still am sooo impressed with your junk drawers!

    Ryder is quite a little monkey. ahaha.

    You def have lots to smile about. :)

  6. Your drawer looks SO GREAT!! Even if that wasn't the exact goal, I vote you win the IC club this month. ;)

    Fun pictures. And a love note already?!?!? heh heh

    I do have my fingers crossed for your new house. Can't wait to hear more about it! When do you find out?

    i'll link up soon.

  7. That is some serious organization skills you got going on. :)

  8. I have never had a tidy junk drawer! Your little guy looks so darn cute using the toy to get to the piano keys. lol

  9. Whoa!!! Your junk drawer is amazing!!

  10. I can see why not getting lockjaw would be something you would be very happy about.

    I'm still waiting for my son's first love note. I have a feeling he's already got one and is not telling me about it.

  11. My junk drawer need to look like yours. What wonderful family photos!

  12. :) awe! 1st love note :)
    **I SO! need to clean out my junk drawers....

  13. I can't believe Ryder is already 1!!

    Congrats at being featured on Shell's blog! You rock!

    You know what I have to smile about ;)

  14. You are an amazing photographer. Seriously. What a good month you have had. What a fun game of Pollyanna you play!

  15. Great post!! Those pictures of Ryder are so dang precious!!

    Good job on cleaning out the junk drawer, isn't it nice to be able to find what you're looking for!!

  16. One already?! Crazy!

    Ive been on a quest to organize too...little by little

  17. Great pictures! Very impressive drawer! And a love note from a girl? We haven't had that yet, I'm kind of dreading those days ;)

  18. I feel like I was a part of all of that, and I completely agree, those are some perfect May moments!

    Ryder's 1 year photos are some of the best I have ever seen. Adding that hat was genius.

  19. Oh my I forgot last month, I need to get on with my lists. Hopefully I will link up soon.

    Where are you moving?

  20. So excited you got the house!!!:)

  21. I am always smitten with photos of Ryder (Happy Birthday again, healthy, happy boy!!!) but I have to say that the drawer totally makes me smile. That is some major progress!

    Congrats on being BFF :)

  22. I totally love that shot of Ryder's tricky piano skills! (Aww heck, I love any picture of Ryder!)

    So glad May was a great month for you! And congrats on your almost-move!