Monday, June 27, 2011

Surviving a Move

A week and a half ago we moved. Last night we hung up pictures. Yes, we have become pro's at this whole moving thing. But moving on average every two and a half years will do that. Though the master bedroom may still have most a few of the boxes needing to be unpacked.

One of the perks that we do get with having to move so often is professional movers. For those of you who have never experienced professional movers- well let me just say it is nice, very nice...... though it is kind of weird having stangers go through all of your things.

So to better enlighten you what it is like here is my list of pro's and cons of professional movers

1- Pro: rows and rows of very neat boxes

2. Con: Having complete strangers (usually questionable looking guys) handle your *ahem* delicates

3. Pro: Sitting there- literally - while they do all the work

4. Con: having things you don't need, garbage and other trash packed because you are just sitting there

5. Pro: Sitting there while they carry in box after box and really heavy furniture into your new place

6. Con: Discovering a book case that got smashed to pieces by some of the heavy furniture in the truck

7. Pro: Having the boxes delivered into the correct rooms

8. Con: Having the boxes in the wrong rooms as the box that was labeled "canned goods" had all of two cans in it and a lot of other stuff

9. Pro: Getting a good laugh at awesome spelling skills of the movers- my Easter wreath- "reef"

10. Con: Not being able to find things due to the awesome spelling- took me a while to realize "sho" was a box of my shoes

So there you have it- now you know what it is like to move with professional movers. I would call you and tell you all about it, but well we still haven't found where they packed our phone.

***Don't Forget tomorrow is Ten Things To Smile About!!!


  1. LOL at "reef" and "sho".

    I would probably pack up some of my own stuff into suitcases. I'm totally anal like that. ;-)

  2. So true!!! And as funny as can be. The times we had movers were very similar!

    Can't wait to see stuff about you new house.

  3. We just moved two weeks ago. We had movers too.your post made me laugh! It was so true for us too. And yes they even pack the trash!

  4. I always packed the phone and school registration papers (and car registration stuff) in our car, so I could get the kids in school without having to search for paperwork in the sea of boxes.

    On one move, our stuff didn't arrive for two weeks, so we packed some pots and pans and dishes and blankets and pillows so we could eat and camp out in our new home.

  5. Makes me tired just thinking about it. Glad you're surviving okay.

  6. #9 is awesome!!!! Thinking of you all as you get settled.

  7. I've never used movers so I'm glad to know the pros and cons! Hope y'all get settled in without too many lost "sho's" and whatnots! And I would TOTALLY be the one, even moving myself, that would start out with a boxed labeled canned goods and end up with a hodge podge assortment of children's clothes!

  8. Fon....I am telling you fon. Where was the phone actually? The office? I found kitchen stuff in my "office" boxes. Crazy movers. And yeah they usually are questionable. Sorry about your bookshelves.

    After two or three moves, your furniture and other belongings is like it has been through fire or some other major disaster. We had an entertainment center that fit that description perfectly.

  9. We were fortunate enough to use movers once (when Jerk Face's time was up with the USMC) -- it was definitely weird..

  10. Oh my gosh, the spelling? That's soooo funny!

  11. LOL, I LOVE the pic of your little guy on top of the boxes, awesome! And I'm wondering if when you saw "Sho" on that one box, if you were thinking it should have said "fo" in front of it? I know I would have been thinking that. Glad your move went well (aside from the bookshelf).

  12. I'd love to be able to use professional movers. We have done all of ours by ourselves and it is always a disaster!

  13. Every move has its stories to tell and the packers/movers that we dont even want to think of again...

    Glad it was a good move and only one bookcase, is actually great on the damage scale. now you have to get them to come back and actually pick up the empty boxes.

  14. Ha! Cute....well, kind of, I suppose :-)

    We have used professional movers, but they just moved our stuff. We did the packing. But wow, that would be nice to have someone actually PACK for you!

    Hope you guys are getting settled in!

  15. I do not envy you on the whole moving thing at all.

  16. This is totally how I need to move next time. Sounds like a dream.

    A difficult to read due to mis spellings dream, but a dream all the same.

  17. That's a lot of moving around! Glad you are getting settled. You mean that isn't how you spell wreath? Wha??

  18. I love the boxes and the spelling stories, lol! I imagine you took pictures of those too, no?

    Happy you are surviving the move!

  19. Oh goodness, your list made me laugh! Despite it all, I hate moving and would much rather have professionals move me, including the trash!
    Glad you are moved in(mostly).