Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Living Social Boat Ride

There once was a family looking for fun

A boat ride" mom said to everyone!

Everyone clapped and quickly agreed,

A great deal obtained through Living Social by me.

The family was all ready to go

With grandma and grandpa also in tow.

We slowly backed away from the dock

A cellphone, drinks and snacks in stock.

We cruised around the harbor hardly making a wake,

5 mph was all this boat could take.

The kids all took turns one,

Everyone was so happy, including me

But then a sputter, a cough and some smoke

This was not funny- it wasn't a joke!

We shut off the engine, we did it quick.

How did we get this boat? What an awful pick.

Without oars or paddles we were just a floating duck.

We bumped into a wall and a boat-what bad luck!

A call was made- eventually rescue came

We were towed back to dock, oh the shame!
They said they were sorry and gave us our coupon back

And said come again- yea we'll see about that.


  1. Oh wow, you got stuck?? How awful! I'm glad you reached shore safe and sound!

  2. Haha, loved your little poem. How sad, though!

  3. I LOVE LOVE Alex's face!!! Hahaha! Priceless. SO sorry you got stuck.

  4. LOL, you made me laugh with your sorry excursion!

  5. this why i never get on boats and leave the shore..scary

  6. Next time check your Happenings Book for a boat rental place. I think they have everything in that book.

  7. But I bet the kids had a blast anyway, right?

  8. Oh my gosh! That was the best poem ever!!

  9. Oh no, oh no...
    It cannot be...
    A boat ride from heck,
    And with little ones, three!

    I'm sorry it broke down,
    I'm sure you were stunned.
    So give them back the coupon,
    and ask for a refund!


  10. Oh my goodness that is so awful...but hilarious the way you put it into a poem!

  11. Hahaha:) You are a great poet:) Loved the poem but sorry about your "bumpy" boat ride. Sounded like a great idea though:)

  12. Your poem is so cute!! I love the pictures to go along with it. Ryder looks so happy!

  13. I hope you still had fun even with the brake down.

  14. Love: the poem, the pictures, the story!

    Don't love: you got stuck!

  15. Love: the poem, the pictures, the story!

    Don't love: you got stuck!

  16. Your poem makes it a little less sad :)