Wednesday, July 20, 2011

While in Utah....part 2

And the fun continues! Did you read about the first few days of my vacation? You can right here. Yesterday I told about my go-karting accident and well I decided I would show you my souvenir from the crash.

Here is my bruise-one week later. Luckily it doesn't hurt anymore- it hurt just to walk for about two days after it.

Now to continue....

While in Utah....
Wednesday morning we went on our annual hike to Donut Falls... oh wait, it was totally flooded, so instead we went to Dimple Dell. We walked along the path to find this
see that river--that used to be the path

But everyone still had a great timemy kids and Eric's sister's kids- all 7 cousins after the hike

especially since the hike ended with these
the best donuts ever from Beyond Glazed!

Eric's cousin's family joined us for the hike--so lots of cousins
cousins and second cousins--or is it cousin's once removed... never can remember

While in Utah...
we visited my old stompin' grounds- good old Provo Utah and BYU (all of the adults in Eric's family, including in-laws graduated from here)

we went to the Bean museum--Ryder was in love with all of the animalseven if they were the stuffed dead kind- and did I mention this museum is free!

We showed the kids the huge library and got a picture- which we plan on taking a similar one several years down the road when the cousins are all BYU students

While in Utah....
we tried not to be the poo-head... i.e. we played a fun card game with the all of the grownups when the kids were in bed

While in Utah....
we took the kids (minus Ryder he was napping) to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple-- last year the kids got to go inside as it hadn't been dedicated yet- so we had to get some pictures by it
and I did a photo shoot of the three girl cousins-per Mimi's request

While in Utah...
we went to the top of the world-
or what felt like it

we rode the tram up the top of Snowbird and played in the snow
all of us (minus me who took the pic) at the top
yes they are all very tall-my husband is 6'8"

This is only the second time Alex has ever seen snow in her life- poor deprived AZ baby- she really wanted to make a snowman-so we didwe had to convince her not to make a snow angel though- and she was quite mad that we didn't bring snow pants for her.Ryder and his Poppie are #1

And snow and 60 degrees- I'll take it!!

While in Utah...
we ate The Pie for dinner- Alex said "we're having pie for dinner?"
Nope- just yummy yummy pizza-which Ryder ate an entire piece of.

And the day is not done yet....

but you have to wait to hear the rest...
such a tease I know.

Though the recap will take a break until Friday as tomorrow is Thursday--i.e. Proud Mommy Moment day-- would love if you linked up and played along!!


  1. Holy ouch!!! Man my leg hurts just from looking!

    Love the #1 pic! Too cute!

  2. Ouch! Your bruise looks very similar to the one I got when I fell down the stairs at work. I know how much mine hurt!

    That picture of Ryder and Poppie is too cute.

  3. OUCH!! That is a crazy bruise! Wow, your hubs and his family are so tall! Sounds like you all had a busy and fun trip.

  4. No wonder I'm still so fun to see you guys...I'm still missing you. Glad the bruise doesn't hurt anymore. XOXO

  5. Ooh, that must have hurt!

    Great pics, how fun! I'm so jealous, I can't wait until we see mountains again. We are hopefully doing a road trip to CO next month.

    That last shot is adorable!

  6. I wish you and Todd were in the snowbird pic, I really really like that one!

    Great pictures! Such a great week . . .

  7. love that pizza.
    must try that donut place.
    where exactly??
    snow at snowbird.
    crazy weather.

  8. p.s. i have a picture of a bruise just like that on my right leg when i was a junior in high school. it wasn't pretty and hurt a ton! lasted for months. wish i would have worn bermuda pants back then b/c all of my short shorts never covered it at all! definitely a SUPER COOL war wound you have there girl;)

  9. You braved the pic! And OUCH! My eyes are watering girl! That looks horrible! I can only imagine what it must have looked like BEFORE! Eeeks.

    Those doughnuts look super nummy! There is no way around those. haha.

    Love the pics of the girls. So sweet. And yes, 60 with snow is awesome! you missed my post yesterday you have to double up today. haha. ;)

  10. Oh my goodness, I can tell how fabulous a time you guys all had!!! That bruise makes me cringe!

  11. Utah was one of my favorite states we went on vacation to as a kid (Zion Canyon will always be a favorite!)
    *And 60* and snow? LOVE!

  12. I need to know where all of these places are. I have lived the majority of my life in UT, and have never heard of most of those places. Except for Snowbasin, of course. Wow. I love how all the kids matched in nearly every photo. That is adorable! And what a fun fun day (or half day) you had! Seriously. Next time I need a fun day, I think I may have to enlist your help to plan it!

  13. Okay, that bruise is AWFUL!!! Then I kept going and got stuck on the donuts picture-- ooooh.. yum!!! Those pictures you have of the kiddos and fam are AWESOME!! I'd almost give my right arm to play in that snow!!

  14. Ouch!
    I LOVE the girls' matching dresses!
    LOVE Snowbird! DaddyO used to work there.
    I need to go back to UT!!!!!

  15. How adorable is that last photo? Let me tell you, it's VERY cute! Oh my goodness, your bruise looks like it hurts a great deal - I'd put myself on bedrest and demand (nicely of course) a cupcake every few hours! Hope that goes away soon!

    All the photos in this post are gorgeous! Love the matching outfits!

  16. That bruise looks SO painful! Ouch!
    Utah sounds heavenly, especially since we are in such a heat wave at the moment. I love the matching outfits on the kids. How cute!