Friday, August 26, 2011

Airing Out The Dirty Laundry

It's Friday- time for some good old confessing. It is so good for the soul and a lot of fun too. So head on over to Mamarazzi's, our lovely host, and confess away.

I am cheating.

I am cheating on someone--okay something.

Do you want to know?

I am cheating on Facebook with Twitter and I couldn't be happier (are you following me on Twitter??).
Maybe it's the excitement of something new, the unknown, the intrigue... not sure all I know is I love it.

What I don't love--this heat.
I know, I know, I lived in AZ for two years- 103 would feel like a break from the heat... but I am in SoCal! Enough already!!

Though it did make it nice for swimming yesterday. I wish we had our own pool.. other than the whole taking care of it and worrying about my kids drowning thing.

Maybe one of these summers we won't move so I will be able to get them in swim lessons ....maybe.

Ryder is totally baffling me with the nap thing. It seemed like he was switching to one nap- he would go down easily in the morning but then would not sleep in the afternoon. So tried to move his morning nap later- one successful day of a good two hours nap from 11:00-1:00. The next day....

he fell asleep at 9:00 AM... while we were swimming. Yes, we were in the pool, he was asleep in my arms! He slept for over a hour this way. What the?? And then he slept again after lunch while we were in the library!

Okay kid, not sure what to do with you.

Ah the joys of motherhood.

What are your confessions this week?


  1. I hate trying to figure out the nap situation. I hope you can figure it out soon.

    I love Twitter. My only problem with it is that I work and I can't be tweeting all day, so I feel left out of much that happens on Twitter.

  2. I love Twitter. And you could totally have your Twitter feed send to Facebook - that way you're not totally cheating on FB. :)

  3. I just sent my kids into school and was happy about it so I could get some free time and a quiet shower!

  4. you know my love affair runs hot and cold with him, but it is there nonetheless. le sigh.

    thanks for linking up!!

  5. Yay for twitter!

    My kids did that weird napping thing around age 1, when they were trying to figure out if they needed one or two naps.

  6. I have yet to jump on the twitter wagon. I've looked but don't think it's for me really.
    Bruiser gave up his afternoon nap at around 15 months. The transition was not that smooth though. Hope you get it figured out soon.

  7. My tweets are pretty sporadic. I use to use it more, but not lately. Do I follow you? I'll go check!


  8. I've gotten more into tweeting too, I used to on my personal account now I'm more on my blog one.
    It's kind of fun! :)
    We should follow each other. I'm going to follow you if I'm not already!
    Have a great weekend!

  9. I think what I don't like about twitter is it is like everyone is talking at once. Maybe I will figure it that you are there I will probably go over there more. :)

  10. We are going through the same nap drama right now. Makes me insane. I never feel like I know when it's safe to leave or make plans.

    You know what I think is so fun about twitter? Talking to people that you don't "know" about all sorts of stuff. Makes everyone attainable, relatable. I'm sporadic on it, but it is a good time. Glad you are enjoying it!

    Have a good weekend!

    It's supposed to be 107 here this weekend, I've decided we are never dipping below 100 again. ugh.

  11. I dropped my Twitter account. Just wasn't feeling it.

  12. YES! I AM following you on Twitter!

    Fell asleep at 9:00am while swimming and then in the library? Maybe he likes noise! lol

    Happy Friday!

  13. Maybe Ryder will go every other day, one nap two naps. That would be confusing . . .

  14. I guess the kid is exhausted? LOL!

  15. Don't worry, it took about a month for the "one nap" thing to really jive with Jayce. He will do just fine.

    I need to get Lula Mae some swim lessons too... I am quick slack on that! Funny, the heat kinda make me never want to swim.... way too hot!

  16. I love twitter WAY more than FB!! Love that you're on it :)
    The nap thing is baffling...hope it gets worked out soon.

  17. Welcome to Twitter!

    I wish my kids still took naps. But on the bright side, school starts on Monday (yay!).

    Both of my kids went through a funky nap thing when going from 2 to 1 nap. I'm sure he'll figure it out.

  18. Donut isn't napping either!! She used to and some days it's great, other days, not so much. But she goes to bed just fine!

    And you don't want to come here--it's been in the triple digits all summer long! It's too hot for the pool even!

  19. I confess that it has literally taken a hurricane for me to sit down and catch up on my blog!

    I, too, wish we had our own pool. We have a community one, but I went to FL earlier this summer and we stayed in a house with a pool. There is something to be said for the kids getting up, eating breakfast, then putting their suits on and jumping all, while you enjoy your coffee in your pjs!

  20. Hi Emilie,
    I just want you to know I enjoy your blog. It is fun seeing you with a family of your own and it is a plus that I actually have known you and your family when you were young.

    Take care and keep sharing your adventures and insights.

  21. I am laughing at the thought of him falling asleep while you are swimming! That sounds like something that would have happened at my house. Also? I'm cheating with Twitter, too. Twitter is such a skank!!

  22. Oh that nap transition thing is no fun! Hope he figures it out soon!

  23. LB is in the nap transition period too... Yesterday she wanted 3!! naps.. Today, she went down at 12.. and at 2:30 is still sleeping!
    (Normally, she's been taking 2 half hour naps..)

  24. It was one of the worse days of my life when my son moved to only one nap. The only other day that was worse was when he gave them up altogether!

  25. Daisy thinks she needs to give up naps but I completely disagree. I need to switch her out of her crib but I'm just not sure I am ready to fight with her to STAY in bed!!