Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Night I stopped an Attacker

About a month ago I watched some episodes of "What Would You Do" on my iPad. This show sets up scenarios where actors are doing offensive mean things to see if people will step in and help. One of the shows showed two teenagers in a park, a boyfriend and a girlfriend fighting. Well mostly the guy was being a total jerk and verbally abusing the girl. Many people just walked by, some came and said something and others literally pulled the girl out of there trying to protect her.

It always makes you wonder how you would handle situations like that.

Well I know.

It was my junior/senior year of college (I graduated in three years). Eric and I were happily married, living in our little ghetto one bedroom apartment that would be totally scary any other place than Provo, Utah. Our apartment complex was full of other young married couples just like us so it was actually a fun place. Eric I and were attending a weekly Strengthening Your Marriage Institute class.

As we drove home from the class about 8:00 at night, along the road under a street lamp there were two people. The girl was trying to get away while the guy was hitting her. She stumbled and fell and he proceed to kick her repeatedly.

Eric pulled the car over and before it was barely stopped I jumped out the car filled with outrage and anger
"What are you doing- get away from her!" I hollered heading towards the couple.
Eric hurried out of the car towards me, amazed and shocked by my total outrage and also trying to protect me. (Though he later told me he was afraid he might have the protect the guy from me).

He stopped kicking the girl and looked our way, as soon as he saw us-i.e. Eric (who is 6'8")- he began backing away.

"Come with us- I told the girl."
She hurried and got in our car. I was literally shaking at this point filled with outrage and adrenaline.
We asked her what was happening and if she was okay.
It turned out she was just walking home from her sisters and her boyfriend- yes the jerk hitting her- was mad at her and started chasing her. Oh and it gets better-she was pregnant with his baby.

I told her that she does not have to put up with that and that she should never be treated that way. She said she knew and that he brother was a cop and so that she would report it; though neither Eric nor I believed this.

We drove her to her house and told her to please stay away from him, report it, and to take care of herself. As we were driving home we saw a police officer driving by. We flagged him down and told him what happened- he followed us to the house and went and spoke to her.

We never did find out if she filed a report or not, but we did what we could.

So if I ever saw someone being hurt or abused- well watch out- as I know what I will do.

I am linking this post up with Mama Kat's writing prompt #1 for this week 1.) Write about a time you or someone you know saved the day! (Her prompts actually go up on Thursdays- but Thursdays are PMM!! Yes tomorrow- so link up!! So writing this post today)
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  1. Good for you!! I've called 911 and reported similar situations. I don't often get immediately involved as I'm a little afraid for my own safety, but if the other person was in imminent danger, I definitely would jump in.

  2. I'm going to have to check out this Mama Kat's writing prompt! :)

    What a story. I can't believe that you did that! I wonder what I would do also. Except I don't live in Provo Utah! The real ghetto.
    I would hope that I would do the same, but how scary what could have happened. Luckily you were with your husband though. My husband would definitely run away.

    Thanks for sharing. Got me thinking.

  3. That's awesome of you. Unfortunately, living in Chicago, I don't know that I would intervene, but I would at least call the police.

  4. Ok...I don't care how tall Eric is, I think I would have been more scared of you. haha. That is awesome.

    Rich hates that show with a passion. We don't watch it. :p

  5. Good for you for helping that girl! That is a scary situation and one so many people would have gone on by. I love Mama Kat's writer's workshop, thanks for sharing this story!

  6. Wow, good for you! I have never seen anything like that, for which I thank my lucky stars. But I really am impressed with your spunk. I hope that girl left her boyfriend. What a creepwad. Really.

  7. Oh my goodness - you really do have a kick butt personality! I would hope to do the same thing if I were in a similar situation. I suppose when you're in it, you just do what you feel is right. So glad that you were there to help her.

  8. Wow! That is amazing that you did that for her and so awesome, too. Loved that you found the police officer, too. So sad what people do to people they "love".

  9. That is so brave that you did that. Good thing you were there for that girl!
    I honestly do not know what I would do - I would like to think I would do the same thing but I tend to panic is those types of situations!! Something to think about though.

  10. Good for you!!!
    Seriously scary.
    And I'm just shaking my head that Eric's 6'8"!! SHEEEEESH!!!

  11. Thanks for your comment on my blog Emmy, I really appreciate that you took the time to visit and comment on my post.

    As for your post, I'm glad that you helped that girl the best you could. Not many people would be brave enough to intervene like that, and if I'm sure she appreciated it. If I'm ever being attacked I hope someone like you drives by!

  12. Great post!

    You did a wonderful thing helping that girl.

  13. Even if she did get back with that creep, it does not diminish the deed that you did for her.

    I just hope she did not go back to that creep...

  14. Wow, that's awesome that you jumped out and helped her like that!

  15. Emmy, you rockstar! Way to stand up for another human being. I'm so proud of you for reaching out to this woman, she is a better person because of what you did for her!

  16. I totally forgot that story! You guys are awesome. So glad he didn't turn on you or Eric. And extra glad you helped her!!

  17. That's terrific that you stood up for her! You guys are heroes! :)
    I really hope that she DID get some help!

    I would hope that if I saw something happening that I would do something similar!

  18. What a huge moment for you guys, and for that girl. Hopefully she worked through her situation and away from that guy. So glad you were there to help.

    I always mean to check out Mama Kat's writing prompts and keep forgetting! So fun!

    Thanks for sharing!

  19. Wow! You are one brave woman! I think you could only get away with that in Provo, UT!!! I would be too scared to interfere myself! Way to go!
    BTW- Thanks for the recent comments too! I really appreciate it! Sorry if I don't always comment like I should. I usually am holding a baby and have to do 1 hand typing! LOL!

  20. I have never wittnessed anything like that but I hope I would handle it that way if I did.!

  21. What a great story! I definitely believe I would do the same thing; I have a tendency to react and then assess the danger after the fact.
    I hope that girl is safe now.

  22. Good for you for standing up for someone unable to do so for themselves!

    I once witnessed a man being physically aggressive with a woman and did something similar. I was amazed at myself, at my reaction, but it's one of those things where until you see it for yourself (or domestic violence) it isn't as real or horrible as it actually is, if that makes sense.

    I hope, for her and the baby's sake, that the girl you saved got the help she needed.

  23. YOU ARE AMAZING! I'm such a chicken. I've called the cops MANY times on domestic situations, but could never leap out and physically do something. You are a hero, indeed. :)

  24. Good for you! Whenever I watch that show I challenge myself to answer truthfully what I would do. I had a similar scenario to yours where a girl was trying to exit a car and the guy kept getting out dragging her, by the hair, back inside. They were in front of my house. I called the police but would have had to go outside to get the tag #. I was too afraid. Would he come after me? Would he come back later b/c he knew where I lived? To this day (more than eight years later) I still wonder what happened to her. I regret not helping her. I don't think that feeling will ever go away.

  25. I feel like you did what we all wish we would do in that situation. But it's scary ~ you were so brave!

  26. I so want to believe that you made a difference and the course of her life changed because you took the time to stop. Great for you!!

  27. Awesome story!!! And anywhere other than Provo the guy would have had a gun or a knife. Heaven bless Provo and Rexburg;)