Friday, September 16, 2011

Favorite Color Swap: My Goodies!

I have been so excited to post this all week- but I had a lot of other things already scheduled on my blog- so finally I get to show you the wonderful things that Vanessa from A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul gave me as part of Mamarrazi's Favorite Color Swap.

Vanessa is so sweet with two adorable children- one who is about to turn 1- such a fun age. So definitely swing by her blog. You can see what I got her on her post here.

So with no further adieu, here is what Vanessa gave me.

Was very excited to open the package to this beautifulness- not a real word I knowCan you guess what my favorite color is??

And what was inside- here it all is laid out in it's glory-minus the adorable card she made for me! My battery died and I forgot to get a picture of it.

Starting from the upper left
-BYU shirt!! love love love
-Cute blue box- I almost got her the same thing in pink
-A hand/elbow- dry spots special lotion of sorts- that she made
-a fold-able blue storage box
-3 blue picture frames
-blue nail polish -Alex has been begging me to use this
-iPhone bumper-totally on my phone now
-hand/foot lotions
-4 blue bowls-we used these for popcorn today!
-and some awesome soaps

I actually opened the BYU shirt last and totally squealed when I didThis is my favorite shade of blue- and while I have a a lot of BYU shirts- I do not have one like this--but it is totally one I would buy for myself. I was so excited I went into the butlers pantry and quickly changed into it- why I didn't go in the bathroom that was just around the corner I do not knowLook even Ryder made it into the picture--kind of

Such wonderful sweet gifts! Thanks ... for being my swap partner. I love all of it.


  1. Looks fun...can't wait to hug all of you!

  2. What an awesome idea!! I love it!

  3. I'm a big fan of Vanessa. Such cute stuff! I'd also be loving that BYU shirt. :)

  4. How fun!

    Butler's pantry, really??? You know, you haven't shared pics of your new house with us yet!!

  5. Lucky, lucky girl! What a great gift box, that Vanessa is quite generous!

  6. Awesome gifts!!! The shirt looks adorable on you - you are so tiny!!

  7. Omagosh, such lovely stuff!!! YAY!!!
    I love it all. Vanessa rocks! :)

  8. Well I feel daft! How did I not know you were participating in this??? You made out. Love the Cougars shirt. You just were too excited to go all the way to the bathroom. haha.

  9. You look awesome in that shirt!! I'm so happy you were my partner! SO VERY VERY FUN!!!
    The card was my favorite I must admit! :)
    So glad you like it.
    Have a great weekend

  10. Very fun! I totally should get a new BYU shirt for myself too!

  11. ps- you gave really cute stuff too! :)

  12. Swaps are so much fun! Especially if you are already friends. Now, I don't know if you and Vanessa were already friends or not (you should have been), but it makes me so happy that you are now! I really LOVE swaps! Reading about them, participating, etc.

  13. Wow!! You hit the jackpot!!! You look awesome in that shirt :)

  14. Dude you totally got hooked up! YAY for you!

  15. How fun! I totally LOVE that color too!

  16. What a fun idea! How did you get all that again? I think I've missed something here.

  17. Very fun swap!!! And a cute shirt!!

  18. so fun! Yay for you :) i once was in a flip flop swap sort of thing and it was a blast!!!

  19. So what was the price limit of this swap? I'd love to do it but it doesn't look like my budget could handle it.

  20. That looks like fun! What wonderful gifts! It's always so fun receiving a gift in the mail. It's like Christmas morning!

  21. Did you wear your BYU shirt yesterday? That was an awful game. Or so I heard at church today. lol!

    That is a lot of great blue stuff! Kind of cool she sent you a BYU shirt. I should get a swap partner from Logan and get an Aggie shirt. lol!!

    Great swap!

  22. wowzer...what an amazing package. all of it is so so so so good!!