Thursday, November 10, 2011

Proud Mommy Moments: Type A

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Definition of Type A Personality: An individual who is as ambitious, aggressive, business-like, controlling, highly competitive, impatient, preoccupied with his or her status, time conscious, and tightly wound.

As exercise class wound up on Monday another mom commented that Alex is definitely a type A personality. And well I totally had to agree.

You see, Alex loves going to exercise class with me. The class is at church and the kids run around and play in the gym around us. Alex never plays by herself. In fact, she is usually leading a line of kids around the gym.

"Follow me- I have to be in front" she will bark.
"Now, everyone do this." she says while spinning in circles
"And now dance"

Five or six kids follow behind complying to her every command.

Occasionally another kid will try and cut to the front.
"No, no. Don't you remember I am the leader" she will calmly and matter of factually state.
At which point the would be cutter will take their place in line.

Occasionally I will see someone else at the front of the line. But on the way home she let me know all about this. "I am always supposed to be the leader, but they were not wanting to play, so I let them have a turn so they would keep doing what I say."

"Now let's play monster everyone. The boys are the monsters, run girls!" to which all the girls will run with her with the boys chasing behind.
"Bam- I got you with my lazer!"

She has also told me about one of the boys that always tries to be mean. "He was trying to get my friend to do something mean to me; but I told him- she is my best friend she will not do that."

And this isn't a one time thing- every single time we go things just like this happen. Alex leads and the kids happily follow along. Class always ending with Alex telling me who her newest friend is and asking if they can come over to our house to play.

Type A personality: ambitious, aggressive, business-like, controlling, highly competitiveYep- I'd say so.

The girl baffles me. So unlike my shy childhood self. But controlling and all- I'm still proud of her.... I think.What is your Proud Mommy Moment this week?


  1. She sounds a lot like Buddy, and like myself. I am not proud of all the Type A personality traits that Buddy has inherited, but he comes by them honestly.

    Alex will probably be a CEO of a company some day. ;-)

  2. That's funny! Those type A traits will definitely serve her well in the future.

  3. Ha! I love that the other kids don't question her, but just follow along with whatever she says.

  4. They sure seem perfectly willing to follow her lead! Go girl!

  5. I think that's how Allison will be when she gets older!

  6. I wouldn't mind being a Type A. How much fun must she be to be around ;)

  7. She's gonna be President one day. :o)

    I love that last picture! How cute is she?!?! So who is the Type A parent? You or your husband?

  8. That is great! I could use some of her Type A'ness (is that a word? probably not)

  9. If not President, at least a White House Correspondent. Wow...I miss her...She's quite the kid!

  10. LOL it must be that red hair! Sounds like she knows her way with people already!

  11. I think it is interesting that she is such a commanding personality given that she is the middle. Def the leader of the pack. :)

  12. She is SUPER adorable! I love her personality. I bet she does big things with her life!

  13. Your girl's got strategy--I love it! I also have a type A. She does great getting along with kids unless they are type A too. :)

  14. Ha! I've got one of those totally opposite of how I was as a kid.
    She is an adorable little controller though! ;)

  15. Wow, she really put some thought into that! Letting the kids be leader so they'll keep playing with her...I see her as a general one day..."I may lose this battle, but I'll win the war!!"

  16. how cute she will definitely be a leader not a follower

  17. If she comes up with new fun games each week, I would follow too.

  18. If she comes up with new fun games each week, I would follow too.

  19. You absolutely should be proud! She's a born leader clearly and I love that you are embracing that instead of deterring it!

  20. I love Dr. Dobson's take on children - that they are NOT born as blank slates, but with gifts and abilities and tendencies that are specific just to them!

    And he said that sometimes Type A kids can seem more difficult to parent than compliant kids... but those LEADERS are the ones who won't make bad decisions simply to "fit in".

    Love your girl's spunk!