Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Status Quote

It's that time again- time to copy those funny/weird/sad whatever you want Facebook or Twitter status and paste them for an easy post. Then link up with CA Girl or me- you only need to link up in one place, it will show up on both blogs and you are set to go.

My commentary is in blue.
This gets to be a busy time of year with so many holidays and things going on- so here are some status in honor of this crazy time of year:
"Today is national "the only day where it's okay for a stranger to give you candy" day
"- kind of ironic huh?

"Daylight Savings needs a mascot. Like a cuddly bear that shows up the next day and gives children sleepy cough syrup an hour before bedtime." now that would be nice!

"Is their a time zone I can cross into where it's the weekend again already?" - or how about one where it is always the weekend?

And these one just made me laugh:
"Asked my 5y/o to go get me some water. Specified from the fridge. I have this paranoia that one of my kids will fill up my cup using the toilet water.
" --Thanks- I think I might have developed this paranoia now

"I think the self-check out line was invited by a guy who had to buy tampons. Thank you Mr. Real Man of Genius.
" - hey girls don't even like buying these things

And these made me well just kind of wonder, say ewe (and laugh):

"I smell like tuna, raw potato and oil. And that, my friends, is how you catch a man.
" what kind of man?

"So, as it turns out, it wasn't actually me that was throwing feces at people. I'm extremely happy to finally get that monkey off my back." - the lesson at church on Sunday involved talk of the monkey on your back-glad I saw this after church otherwise I would have never been able to stop laughing

See, fun easy post. What status did you see? Play along and link up!


  1. ....and now I'm wondering if my kids ever got me water out of the toilet!

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  4. Ha ha I guess it can't hurt to be safe than sorry--or you might end up with toilet bowl water!

  5. I would have been laughing about the monkey thing anyway. "If you have any poo, fling it now!" BHAHAHAHA. Yes, I am 12. Why? :P

  6. Oh, I can just see one of my kid's giving me toilet water. And I would love the daylight savings bear to visit, though only in the early morning so my 3-year-old will sleep later. :)

  7. OMG! Those are great!

    I'm a little paranoid about toilet water now too! YIKES!!!

  8. Oh my gosh. I need that weekend timezone!

    LOL at the toilet water. I would have never thought of that!

  9. I recognize that scoundrel, Cheeseboy!! :) Love that dude.

  10. I love the daylight savings time mascot! So brilliant!

  11. That toilet water one had me dying!!! :o) That is so disgusting! Thank goodness my 9-year-old knows what I mean. She knows I don't even like it out of the tap. :o)

  12. I was wondering what kind of man too!

  13. OK, I have never even thought about toilet water...until now. I think you have permanently changed my life.

  14. eek - the toilet water!!! I'll be specifying from now on too!

  15. :) The monkey one makes me chuckle! :)

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