Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Shooting My Kids

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And very important: Proud Mommy Moments with Kmama and me is going to take a break until the new year. So again-no Proud Mommy Moments the rest of this month.

I took my kids picture a few weeks ago. As a professional photographer I love taking pictures- but honestly sometimes it is easier to shoot other people than my own kids. (wonder what sort of Google searches that will bring up) Today I am going to give you an inside peak of what a photo shoot can really be like.

Me: "Allright, is everyone excited? Let's head out here by this tree."
Lucas: "I don't want to go that way! Let's just go home!"
Me: "We just got here!"
Alex: "The ground is all bumpy, I am getting things in my shoe!"Me: "Okay put Ryder in the picture"

Ryder: Begins immediately crying
Me: "Ryder what's wrong? It's okay!"
Eric holds Ryder
I quick snap some pictures of other two.Ryder is calm now- "Okay let's put him back in."

Lucas: "He's crying again!"
Me: "Alex move your finger."Lucas: "Aren't we done yet?"Me: "Quick Ryder is actually smiling!"Me: "Okay let's trying going over to the path."

Lucas: "I want to sit on the chair."
Alex: "No, I do, my legs are so tired! I can't move anymore! I am going to die if I have to take another step!!"

Me: "Why don't you guys all hold hands and walk towards the chair? That would be fun right?"Me: "Oh Ryder, sit down- I don't want you to fall"
Lucas: "Are we done?"
Me: "I know, how about a candy break!"
Lucas, Alex: "YES!"

"Okay just a few more shots with everyone, how about on the blanket."
Alex: "I still have things in my shoe!"
Me: "Why is Ryder crying again??"Me: "All right time for individual shots."

Lucas: "Can I have more candy?"
Alex: (Thinking) "It's all about me now, my time to shine!"

RyderRyder (Thinking) "well I tried to be happy- it's not my fault I am developing a high fever and end up with hand, foot and mouth"And that my friends is how you shoot your kids.


  1. You must have the patience of a....mother!

  2. I have a hard time getting pictures of my kids too. Allison will not sit still for even a second and Ryan just gets all mopey.

    You got some amazing shots. I really love the one with the kids walking toward the chair, beautiful!

  3. Oh Emily....I just laughed and squealed. Thanks for the fun and great pics.

  4. HA! That was great! You did end up getting some great shots.

  5. I only read the title of this at first and I was thinking, "Oh, no. What have Emmy's kids done now to make her want to shoot them?!?" :o) Wrong kind of shoot, obviously. ;o)

    GREAT pictures, and I love the fun comments all along the way!!!!

  6. Love Ryder bawling, lol. Still go great pics when he wasn't though!:)

  7. Alex looks so much like you. Great shots Emmy. :)

  8. LOL that sounds like a workout! Ha ha love the play by play...and Alex is a little ham!

  9. Oh dear runny nose. haha. I tried again was a lot like what you saying here. haha. YOu still managed some awesome pictures. I am going to try again this weekend. Wish me lots of luck.

  10. I cannot for the life of me take a picture of my child, you took some great shots!

  11. I just glad its not just me. With you being so much better than I am at the whole photography thing I am kinda glad to now your kids act as rough as mine during a photo shoot! LOL

    Poor Ryder. It really wasn't his fault :-( Poor guy!

    At least you got a few great shots out of the deal.... I have yet to end up with a single good shot of both my kids together. Although I will be trying the candy next time.

  12. LOL!
    What a pain. But the pictures are adorable.
    Ryder is all of a sudden getting So big!

  13. This post was funny even though my stupid government dinosour computer wouldn't load the pictures.

    I really want to have an eye for photographing people, but alas I do not. I can't photograph people or food (the two things I take pictures of most). But every time I take a picture of a tree or insect, it turns out awesome.

  14. You still ended up with some adorable shots, though!

  15. Okay, that was hilarious Em! Maybe this is why I like shooting food. lol!

  16. Ahhh! All of your little ones are cute and Alex is absolutely beautiful!! What a lovely smile she has!

  17. You got some pretty cute shots there though!

  18. And since I'm new round these parts... lol... you're a pro photographer? No fair. Might say I'm slightly envious!

  19. wow proof you are an amazing photographer to get these wonderful pictures when your subjects are not helping. beautiful

  20. You have some gems in here but I don't think I could ever shoot or photograph my kids. I mean, I do it but I just snap fast pictures and hope for the best.

  21. This was hilarious! You did manage to get some great ones in there, but I do love the outtakes!

  22. Oh my word - so much cuteness (even with the tears)!

  23. But the pics are so cute! I'm sure it was worth it.

  24. You really got some sweet pics! And some funny ones too :-)

  25. Angels I say. Especially little Ryder. Just discovered you through Mimi of Living in France. I could kick myself on the shin for missing the first week of recapping. But then again it's just my rotten luck. LOL.

  26. Just like I was there... love it.

    You are so talented, I can't wait to just watch your talent grow!

  27. LOL! That cracks me up! But you did get some really great shots! :)

  28. And yet - you still end up with those amazing frameworthy shots that make it worth it all :) Your kids are so photogenic - even when goofing off ;)

  29. hysterical!!!! This is ALWAYS how mine go also! lol lol lol... I always thought it would be funny to do a blog entry like this, half the time the "best" pictures are the non-perfect picking their noses ones :) definitely more memorable and telling than the perfect smiles :)

  30. The individual pictures of Alex remind me of my daughter. She will give me the cutest grin but she cannot seem to keep her eyes toward the camera to save her life. :) And poor Ryder! Sorry he got so sick. Hope he's feeling better now.