Friday, February 24, 2012

Winner and Fairy Hobmother

Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me or has this been a long week? But it's Friday and I have some happy news.

First-- time to announce the winner to the Sneakpeeq $25 gift certificate.I let Rafflecopter randomly pick the winner- and it is Grateful Grumpy Mom!! Congrats! I already contacted the company and the money will be deposited into your account. Thank you so much to everyone who entered.

Did I ever tell you what one of my summer jobs was? After my freshmen year of college I entered data from regular catalogs to make online catalogs. Yes, so weird thinking of that having to happen- but all of that information had to get onto the internet somehow.

The summer I was working there we mostly did a lot of work for restaurant suppliers and hardware stores. I loved looking at the big stoves, and the cups and tumblers-- always have had a thing for kitchen stuff I guess. So when the the Fairy Hobmother asked if I would let you know about Appliances Online as they wanted to spread some cheer through the blogworld by giving me a nice little gift- I said, yes, I would love to- especially this week, I need that extra cheer. And well I did have fun looking at Appliances Online looking at all the pretty fridges and stoves-- yes I did just call them pretty.

So here is hoping for a nice relaxing weekend and a good fun week next week.

Do you have any plans this weekend?


  1. Congrats Grateful Grumpy Mom!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. I did data entry at a door making factory for an internship. It was for commercial doors, and I had to learn measurements for doors and stuff. I don't think I could tell you any of that now! But it paid $10 an hour so I thought that was a lot of money as a senior in college :)

  3. I'm confused by the Fairy Hobmother.

  4. I'm so grateful it's Friday! The weekends always mean family time around here!

  5. Yes, this week has been a little long for me too. The next few probably will be with the blehness I'm dealing with.

    I've always had a thing for kitchen stuff too!

  6. I'm judging a high school talent show this weekend...random, right?!?~

  7. i looked at the pretty fridges at best buy today. we were there to buy a new mouse as our other one died. then i went next door and bought three books at barnes and noble. pizza/soda night tonight. sean is going to watch cage fighting with his dad after. and saturday i'm hoping to get brennan's birthday loot in order.

  8. Congrats!!

    I hope you have an awesome and relaxing weekend - mine shall be filled with studying and homework!

  9. This week has been long for me, too. But I'm happy it's the weekend. I don't have any interesting plans. I just have a lot of work to do!

  10. Thank you!!! I'm thrilled to have won such a fun giveaway!

    I'm a kitchen stuff lover too. And I buy a lot online-- some appliances too. I got a great deal on our freezer. :)

    We're celebrating my daughter's birthday this weekend--8-yrs-old!

    Have a nice and relaxing day!

  11. I plan to least a little...

  12. I love kitchen gadgets! That would have been a great job!