Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Half-Way Through

We are halfway through spring break- with a few bumps along the way (i.e. fevers and throw up in the night--yea those kind of bumps). Tomorrow I will be back with Proud Mommy Moments- so please write yours and link up.

Today while I am still away, I wanted to spotlight one more blog.

This blog is from someone I know in real life. She is responsible for me losing ten pounds and dropping almost two pant sizes.

Debbie- the author of Tales of a Veggie Monster, kicks my butt three times a week as she leads our work out class and then outruns me on Saturdays. Oh and did I tell you she started reteaching the class only 5 weeks after having a baby. Yea, try not to hate her for that.

Her blog is all about healthy eating and healthy recipes. So if you are looking for some good healthy recipes, lots worth pinning, definitely check out her blog. She just barely started it and I am looking forward to see where it goes.

Once again, she does not know I am doing this, so swing by and give her some love.

You can find her blog by clicking here- Tales of a Veggie Monster.