Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fresh Produce Clothes

First thing- thank you to all who entered the giveaway!  I went through and delete the few non-entries and used to pick our two lucky winners.

The first was comment number 20- from Mary!
 The second is comment 92 from Farrah Shumway!

Congrats ladies- I will be emailing both of you.  If I don't hear back from both winners soon I will pick another winner.

Now clothes.  Am I the only one who looks through my closet and thinks I have nothing to wear? At the beginning of the year I actually turned all of my hangers backwards and if they are never turned, meaning I never wore that outfit I fully intend to get rid of those unworn clothes.

So when Fresh Produce contacted me asking if I would like to pick something from their site to review- I quickly agreed as who doesn't like new clothes.

Fresh Produce is co-founded and still run by a mom entrepreneur, Mary Ellen Veron and is primarily made in the USA.  You can find the clothing sold in Fresh Produce stores and more than 500 specialty retailers throughout the US and Caribbean and they now ship to over 200 countries, so women outside the US can enjoy the colorful styles, too.  A lot of their products are casual womens clothes which is what I end up wearing a lot. 

They have a lot cute tunics, like this tunic

Dresses, skirts, pants- just about everything. 

I searched through their site knowing summer was coming and would love a nice summer top.  I ended up picking the Vintage Henley 3/4 Sleeve Top.
As soon as I received the top I loved how soft it was.  I personally love 3/4 sleeves so was excited to wear it.  When I put it on I realized the shirt is a little thin- so wearing a white bra underneath was not an option.  But I just quick threw on my little quarter cami and it was perfect!  The swoop of the neck, the sleeve length, I loved it all.  I also like how it just fit and stayed put, no adjusting, pulling or tugging necessary; it was long enough for my long torso.  It was a shirt I could just put on and not worry about.
So while I still have a lot of clothes in my closet that I just look at and think I don't want to wear- I know this shirt will not be one of them.

Do you have lots of clothes you don't wear? 

Disclaimer:  I received a shirt from Fresh Produce to review-all feeling and opinions are my own and truthful.


  1. I really love that top. I will check that site out.

    Half the things in my closet I don't wear.

  2. I really love that idea with the hangers. I feel thier are so many pieces of clothing I do not wear that just take up space. I am always saying, "I should keep that because I could wear that when...." Somehow when NEVER comes. I am going to do it :)

  3. Cute shirt! And cute pictures of you too. I have a lot of clothes in my closet I wish I could wear, but the prego belly won't allow it! My maternity wardrobe is really sad too . . . I need to go shopping!

  4. I love that top on you. I feel the same way!! Everyday...nothing to wear!! I need to get more creative.

  5. I have things from days as an educational trainer that are waiting for a time they will be needed again. I love your tunic.

  6. cute shirt! 3/4 sleeves and elbow sleeves are my favorite length. I have it on my to-do list to clean out my clothes tomorrow because they need it!

  7. Love that top!

    I did a review of their clothing too and I loved it.