Monday, May 28, 2012

Honor and Responsibility

Just a quick note to publicly thank all of those who ever have, are or will serve to protect our country and the rights, freedoms and responsibility it stands for.  I think too many in this country have forgotten the responsibility part.  Our country is something that we all need to work to better and be grateful for everyday of our lives, it is not just a given or something we deserve but something we have to work for.

So to those who serve- thank you.

P.S. My monthly meme Ten Things to Smile About this Month will be tomorrow!  The list will be up for over a week- so if you are not able to link up tomorrow, please feel free to come back and link up anytime this week.  I started this meme a few years ago after a really hard month where I just needed to find something good, something that made me smile. So simply write a list, add some pictures, look back and link to the things that made you smile and made May a good month.