Friday, May 25, 2012

...will be Blogged About!

STOP DON'T READ unless you have read PART 1- (just click right here) over on CA Girl's blog.  Seriously- this post picks up mid-story so you must read part 1 first. And if you are already read part one, welcome!

Wait a minute, wait a minute- that did NOT happen.  Okay, yes there was a crazy old guy cussing and accusing everyone of stealing his stuff- but it ended there- he just went on to complain to and talk with anyone around the pool that would listen to him.  Your story would be pretty funny though.  Come on!  That would have been awesome!  I was going to have them searching my room, the car, me in handcuffs, kids crying.  I had the scenario all ready to go!  Sheesh!  But he really did go up and down that pool for a good ten minutes on and on about this book and umbrella.  Crazy, grumpy, MEAN old man.  And everyone was on my side. HA!  And that's the truth.

After the swimming it was the dreaded and celebrated bedtime.  Luckily each of our condos we were staying in had two bedrooms- unluckily for Lourie's sake we didn't get the three bedroom ones.  I am not sure what the big deal about the bed in the wall was, but there was a big stink about it.  Wow what a stink!  First night Emily got it.  And second night, Ryan got it.  Kristin and her bestie got the other room.  

 I don't know what your kids problem is- mine went right to sleep. ;p  Seriously, these children were up til almost 10 both nights, and HELLO the teens passed out by 9!  Isn't that supposed to be the other way around!?  That's Emily all mummified like that.  It makes me feel all claustrophobic just looking at her! 

And what do four non-drinking grown-ups do when the kids are in bed?

We eat snacks, play yahtzee- which I won and I lost most horribly!- and scare the passers-by with the baby monitor.  We set the hearing monitor side out on the porch, carefully concealed by a towel and then from safely inside the condo when someone walked by we spoke into the monitor freaking them out!

At least that was the way it was supposed to go but only one set of people went by and I cracked under pressure and just made little noises that some of the local animals- like this guy could have made.
I only saw Jeramiah at my door once.  Maybe he was hoping someone would kiss him.
So sadly we didn't get to really freak anyone out.  But we laughed a lot about it anyway.  We can do it next time...if we are on the ground floor that is.  We better bring an extension cord just in case.  And a script, and a video camera, and....

And for being the non-drinking types there sure were a lot of Red Solo Cups!  She never let us know what was IN her cup!  HA!  ;)   Root beer of course.
Even the baby has one!
The next day there was more food of course
 lots more swimming, pool, ping-pong and and game playing and just enjoying the beautiful location.

One drama had to happen.  And for a weekend with 7 kids, one is good. We were at the pool, just having fun, when a nice older gentleman, told me, "This little girl has a nosebleed" My back was turned to the "little girl" in question and literally my first thought was:  Am I 'Pool Mother.' until that awful second later when I saw Emily standing above me, with blood pouring from her nose, coming into her mouth and she was crying.  I never jumped out of a pool so fast.  I grabbed her towel as that was the fastest thing I could think of and why on earth would I have tissue anyway?  And escorted her back to our room.  It was a full twenty minutes before I got it to stop.  And yes, I most definitely had to wash that towel.  And we both had blood all over.  It was wicked.  But, as I said, with 7 kids that was pretty darn good.  One trauma only.
Yes, my family has had a condo stay that consisted of a trip to the ER and stitches in the middle of the night.

And of course we had to get some pictures together

how did that get in there?  Hehehe!  Got ya!

The next night unfortunately ended when Eric crashed on the couch at about 9:00 PM- I know what party animals we are!  She just doesn't want to tell the REAL story!  ;) 

And then all too soon it was time to part ways I hate that part!  :(

But wait- what great adventure is complete without a movie trailer!
Just go with it.

So I hope you enjoyed our little recap, complete with crazy old people, blood and best friends.  A winning combination right?   Have your taken a trip with extended family?


  1. Lourie really got me!!

    Love the synchronized swimming!

  2. you guys are to much fun so happy you are enjoying your vcation

  3. I am definitely jealous of all that pool time. Sounds like you guys had a blast :D
    Have an awesome weekend!

  4. haha you guys are nuts :). but in a good way obviously! sounds like you had a blast and this duel commentary is great!

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  7. How fantastic!!! What happens in Indio...Will be blogged about. :)

  8. Oh, and did the old grumpy dude ever find his book??

  9. What a great idea! Love the story sharing and fun time toy had. This is def my favorite 2 bloggers getaway story telling ever! Love it. And funny about the baby monitor.

  10. Looks like you guys had a great time!

  11. We've started going to Destin, FL every year with our family.......FIL and others. So much fun.

    Love the snarky face pic of you! Cute!

  12. This is awesome!!! I was fooled by the pool police story until I got here! That would have been hilarious!!! :o) So was your idea to set the baby monitor up outside. LOL! Ya'll are fun!!!

    Glad you had such a good trip together! And you made it out with only one nosebleed. Success!!

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    And that the nosebleed and the grumpy guy didn't turn out worse than they were!

    LOVE the movie! You rock!

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