Monday, May 14, 2012

A Preemie Turns Two

Two years ago I lay in a hospital bed almost 700 miles from home.   Our family vacation had taken a major turn when my water unexpectedly broke at 32 weeks.   I had made it almost 48 hours since my water broke but thankfully the large amount of fluid I began with was still enough so I could try and lay there, hoping this baby would stay in as long as possible.

Eric was at a dinosaur museum with Lucas and Alex- trying to bring some stability, comfort and normalcy to our vacation.  I chatted on the phone with Lourie (CA Girl) feeling another gush of fluid.  I got off the phone to head to the bathroom- only to discover it was not just fluid this time but lots of blood.

I pulled the cord in the bathroom calling for the nurses.  It was time.  As they wheeled me back to the labor and delivery rooms in preparation for my c-section I called Eric telling him he needed to come back.  Thankfully the breakfast they let me eat that morning made them decide to wait one more hour so he had plenty of time to return.

The fear, the unknown.  Would he be okay?  What would he look like? How tiny was he going to be.  And yet, I felt a calm and assurance the answer to a prayer I had received when my water first broke.

And there he was Ryder Trent, 4 lbs 9 oz.

So tiny

So small

But so strong and determined.  

19 days later and we were finally going home as a family- Ryder weighing it at just over 5 lbs. 

And now today- well today he is two.
Blowing on the candles on his cake last night- we celebrated early when family was here

His favorite food is avocado- followed very closely or maybe surpassed by Jelly beans. 
He loves driving cars and trucks and building big towers.
He loves kicking and throwing a ball and is really quite good a dribbling as soccer ball.
He also loves throwing a ball, or food at his sister's head and his aim is quite accurate.
Holding the outfit he wore home from the hospital

He is my cuddle- bug and loves to hug and cuddle.  He will often just run over and say Mama and hug me tight.
He loves books and I always have to read at least three bedtime stories- his favorite is the construction site one and Thomas the train book- though he also likes the Brainy Baby books and points out the babies in their diapers and says "pee".
Though if I ask him if he wants to go pee on the potty he gives a definite no.
 He would eat a pop tart for breakfast everyday if I let him and when he is done eating says "all done, get out!"  The 'get out' getting more adamant if I am not quick to respond. 
He loves playing tag with Lucas and Alex and giggles uncontrollably while chasing them- always ending up getting hick-ups when he laughs a lot.

He is also quite independent- often saying "bye mommy, trains" as he heads upstairs on his own to drive GeoTrax. 
He is very clever, pushing things over to use as stools to get what he wants and really seems to understand what is going on.

He cannot stay clean while eating- often rubbing his face so even something like pizza makes a mess.
He loves his paci and has it way too much.  If he sees a second paci he will ask to "switch paci's" as I guess for him the grass is greener on the other side.

He knows lots of letters and loves to stop and "read" letters whenever he sees them.
He also has recently started "counting"- "one, twoooo, freee"  and sometimes he also counts like this "free, free, freeee!"
He knows most animal sounds but lately if you ask him to say them, asking "what does a cow say?" he will say "no".

He loves going to nursery now, his arms pump quickly as he hurries faster to the room.  He also doesn't mind staying home with the babysitter, a big relief to Eric and me.
He loves riding in Eric's car, and will point to where it is usually parked saying "daddy's car" anytime we go anywhere.
He goes to bed great at night and at nap time, still safely secure in his crib.  The thought of climbing out hasn't even occurred to him. 

He is and always will be my special little guy.
And if you made it through this long post- congrats- I really wanted to have these things on record for me.

Tomorrow I will show you the birthday cake I made.


  1. Awww what a big guy now! Happy 2 years Ryder...such a cute little boy!

  2. Aww. Happy birthday to Ryder. I can't believe he's two already. He's such a sweet little boy!

  3. Awww what a cutie! Happy Birthday Ryder!

  4. I love the funny little things he does like saying "get out" when he's done eating. How cute is that when he gets hiccups? He's adorable, and oh my goodness, hard to believe he was an itty bitty little preemie!

  5. Happy birthday Ryder! I can't beleive he is 2! He is the perfact addition to your family no matter how quickly he arrived!

  6. Happy birthday, Ryder!! He's so cute - and I love all of the things you documented. I need to make a note to remember all these things for when my little guy's birthday comes around.

  7. I think I read this post while holding my breath! Today I wrote about MiracleMoms A program being run by 10 Blogging Mamas to raise money for local Hospitals across the US and Canada. The story I am convering is about triplets, born at 30 weeks. They are just over 3 weeks old today. Your little man is amazing! Thanks for sharing your happy Birthday story!

  8. Happy second birthday to your super cute little guy! I always get teary-eyed reading posts like this! My little guy turned two last month, it is so crazy how time flies!

  9. Aaaahh! I can't believe he's 2!!! So so amazing. He is the cutest little man! This post didn't seem long to me, I love reading about my fam. Can't wait to see the cake! Hope today is just fun! Happy Birthday Ryder!!

  10. Happy 2nd Birthday Ryder!! He is so adorable in each photo!

  11. How sweet! Happy Birthday to your baby. My third baby came at 34 1/2 weeks {well, actually I was induced at 34 1/2 weeks after a two week stay in the hospital}, and I remember those fears. And she was sooooo liiiiiitle ;)

  12. Oh wow, how scary, but so awesome! Happy Birthday to him!

  13. Ryder has such an amazing birth story. It wasn't that long ago that I read it for the first time. You are a brave momma! Happy birthday to Ryder!

  14. Two years?!?!?!!? It seems like yesterday that I was sending so many prayers your way. Happy Birthday to your adorable little man.

  15. Love those curls! Happy birthday cutie.

  16. That picture of him with the clothes he wore home, looks like doll clothes on him! crazy how small he once was.

  17. Hi, there! Congrats on the big boy after all you went through. Well done, mama!

    -Casey (IA's friend from lunch at Schooner or Later)

  18. Awwww!!!! He was so teeny! Happy Birthday Ryder!

  19. Happy Birthday Ryder! Love those cupcakes!

  20. Awwww, I wish our little guys could be play mates! They are so much alike it is crazy! Although Ryder has outgrown my tiny little guy now ;-)

    I love reading birthday posts, I figure no one reads mine either though. LOL It really is just a way for me to have it all in one place. I love for people to see it, but its way more for me.

    Happy birthday Ryder! Look how far you have come! You are a special little guy and are so blessed!

    The 5 month picture is so my favorite!

  21. I love the last picture! What cutie! He sounds all boy! I love his food favorites!

  22. Awh he's perfect!! Happy Birthday!!! XOXO

  23. I cannot believe it has been two years!!! He's such a darling little boy (those curls) and his early arrival (scaring us all!) didn't seem to slow him down one single bit. He's a gem. Happy Birthday Ryder!

  24. My now almost 7 year old was a preemie, not by her choice though. I had severe pre-clampsia and Doctor was worried that we weren't going to make it. So at 34 weeks I had emergency c-section. 3.12 lbs was what she weighed so I can completely relate to your feelings, pictures and memories. She is now almost 7 years old and filled with life. Happy birthday to Ryder! and congratulations to you and your husband you have a beautiful family!

  25. it's amazing how little they are when they come expectantly and yet in a blink of an eye they are growing up. My little preemie turned 12 in March time sure does fly. Happy Birthday little Ryder may your year be filled with many blessing and great adventures.

  26. What a sweet little guy! That must have been scary when he arrived so early. You'd never know now that he used to be a little preemie! Happy birthday to him!

  27. He's come a long way! Happy Birthday!

  28. He's so cute. I love his little curls! I'd be so scared to have my baby that early. That's good everything turned out just fine.

  29. Oh gosh, he's such a cutie! So glad he's thriving after being born premature! Happy Birthday to your darling boy.

  30. I loved this post! Totally got choked up again reading about your ordeal. I can't believe how time has flown!

    I also did a "for us" post about things I wanted to have recorded, that may not interest anyone else!

    Except I really did love reading your post!

  31. Oh he is too cute! And those CURLS!!! :-)

  32. Happy birthday! It's amazing to see how far he's come! He certainly sounds like a very bright little guy :) Big things will happen for him! I know it!

  33. What a great post. Happy Birthday to your little man. He sure is a cutie!

  34. I remember when you wrote that you were in the hospital and I was like... 'no you aren't, you're joking... right?' I'm so happy that Ryder is perfect and is this 2 year old growing boy. It's amazing. Happiest Birthday, Ryder!

    (And I'm so behind on blogs and I have to get off the computer, but I'll catch up with your soon!)

    The cake is AMAZING by the way!

  35. Love that we share a birthday! He is adorable - so thankful for God's hand of protection in bringing him into this world!

    Love how he is holding his "home from the hospital" outfit - what a great idea!

    Happiest late birthday Ryder - we're so glad you're here!

  36. Happy belated birthday Ryder. He is a fighter.