Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ten Things to Smile About

Yes, it really is time for Ten Things to Smile About; sometimes I almost feel like I am the bearer of bad news with this as people are always shocked that yet another month went by and trust me I am too.

Last Tuesday Every Month

This is monthly meme I host the last Tuesday of every month.  I started it after one of those months where everything seemed to go wrong and I knew I needed to get out of that funk-- and so I forced myself to look back and find ten things that made me smile.   I do so hope you join in; look back at your month and find Ten Things that Made you Smile.  Pretty please grab the button to add to your post to help spread the word.

Ten Things to Smile About: August

1. A successful beginning to a new school year (almost a month ago for us now)

2. New school year so Homework--hahahaha yea not even close but the fact that I added this made me laugh so hard so in the end it made me smile.

3. Baseball games with the family- even if Eric only took 2nd place at the hot dog eating contest

4.  My Miss Alex- oh excuse me Alexandria (read about that here)
Wearing Daddy's Glasses
5. Little Boys in Big boots "cooking" me some food

6. A weekend getaway with my family AND my bestie CA Girl and her family (more to come on this)

7.  Enjoying lots of one-on-one time with my little guy

8.  Watching my Pinterest followers sky-rocket

9.  That this guy still loves me, makes me laugh and takes me on dates after 11 years of marriage

10. Ryder calling his "girlfriend"

What made you smile this month?   The linky will be open for 1 1/2 weeks, so plenty of time to link up if your list isn't ready today.


  1. Such great things! I can't believe school started so early there, we are just trying to get into the swing of things again here.

  2. All good things to smile about.

    Just curious... how'd you grow those Pinerest followers because that is awesome. :-)

  3. School started yesterday for us and seeing their happy faces get off the bus yesterday afternoon definitely made me smile!

  4. Looks like the kiddos are loving school! :)

  5. Hello girlfriend! hahahaha! So cute! I think we put Indio on the same number...not sure. It's getting scary girl! hahaha

  6. HA!!! Laughing at number 2!!!!

  7. I love the pictures! My favorite is your little guy in his jammies (because they match my little guys jammies) cooking for you!

  8. I love the pictures! Especially the goofy one at the end!

    Why must you tempt me with donut pics, though?

  9. Oh how SWEET does your little guy look with that hotdog?
    My lovely man and I have just celebrated 6 years together and I love that not only is he a fab daddy, he comes through for us as a couple too!
    Thanks so much for hosting each month! xx

  10. I love your monthly recaps... no need to feel like the bearer of bad news, because it isn't. And since I haven't been around, it's all new to me. Your pictures just make me smile!

  11. This is awesome, I love the 10 things to smile about, and the pictures to really put it all together.

    I love the way you captured the first day of school!

  12. Cute things to smile about. Especially the donut part!!!!

  13. Love your kids-your littlest is too precious. Quite the hot dog champ! I would love some kiddo one on one time, especially with donuts! Mhmm!

  14. Fun stuff! I love the picture of Alexandria! She's photogenic every time, isn't she?!!! I also like the hello girlfriend clip . . . haha. Love it!

    my list is in the making and soon to post.

  15. Well you just got one more Pinterest follower.

  16. Hahaa!!! Homework ...yes!! Just kidding.

    I know you're enjoying spending time with Mr. Ryder...and I know he's loving all the attention...or is it the opposite?? Is he sad his siblings are gone all day?

  17. You're 10 things made me smile!!

    I was going to do this again this month, but then we got some crappy news (everything is fine with us), and it just took away my motivation.

  18. I plan on putting together a list, but had to wait on a few things :). Probably Friday :). Yey!! And I love that, hello girlfriend. I'm surprised he knew what a house phone with a cord was. Seems like these days kids don't know what those are :). Love it!

  19. So fun...great month...the video is hilarious....wait a few years...

  20. I'm just not together enough to post this month :) Looks you guys had a great time this month!!!!

  21. Your "boyfriend" looks like he could win the hot dog eating contest.