Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo A Day Recap: August

It's time for the monthly #photoaday recap! @Fatmumslim Photoaday has created a photoaday challenge which has become very popular on instragram. Janette of the Johanson Journey and I decided it would be fun to make it a monthly meme so we can see all of your pictures too.

So if you blog, grab your pictures you took for August, make a collage, make a slideshow, or just show your favorite ones; however you would like to do it. We just ask that you grab the button to add to your post to help spread the word.

1. Outside
2. One- Amazing how one little boy can make the whole morning so crazy
3. Coin
4. Somewhere you Sat- outside enjoying the day
5. Logo- my favorite
6. Writing- Alex wrote her name on her paper on her first day of school
7. 8 O'clock
8. Glasses
9. Messy- the puzzle box was a bit messy
10. Ring- my band has never been attached to my ring
11. Purple- my food band at the Angels baseball game was purple
12. Spoon
13. Simple- how can something as simple as homework cause so many headaches?
14. Arrow- arrow on the game Ryder was playing
15. Ready- at the school ready to pick up Alex
16. Food- my cute little cook making me some food
17. Faces
18. Inside- letters inside the tub
19. Hole- hole in Ryder's paci
20. Today- had corn on the cob today
21. Cool- My kids like going in the cool section at Costco
22. Home
23. Pair- A pair of good shoppers rewarding ourselves with a pair of donuts
24. Path- path at the Condo for a weekend getaway
25. Fresh- these fake flowers are not necessarily fresh but they are pretty
26. Dream- getting away for the weekend became more than a dream, it was reality this weekend
27. Tap
28. Clock- my clock this morning.  Doesn't it see how dark it is--too soon and early to get up
29. Down- my kids are down on the floor having a lunch picnic
30. Card- lots of cards in my wallet
31. Hidden- Somebody is hidden... oh there he is!

Can't wait to see your pictures!  Link up below

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  1. These pics are incredible! Do you just do these with your phone? I don't think I take enough interesting pics to do an instigram page.

  2. I love then all! I love all the glimpses into life and especially photo a day because the prompts mean you share things you might not otherwise. Thanks for the fun linky!

  3. Oh that little crying boy face was too much! It's really fun to look through your month like this!

  4. I love your little recaps. Where did you get away to? I'm jealous!

  5. Love this idea and a great way to review the pics we take. Cute crying baby boy :)

  6. Looks like a lot of fun pictures. Alex has cute handwriting! I think 8 is cool!! And my wedding ring bands aren't connected either! :)

  7. I love all your pictures :D so cute!

  8. Those are some really great photos. I got so busy last month and didn't get to do all the challenges.

  9. That lady is so good at coming up with new ideas for pictures every day! I would never think of all those things!! And you're pretty darn good at catching a unique photo for all of them!

  10. Hahah!!!! Number 2. It's the truth...one little toddler can turn the morning upside down!!

  11. You do such a great job with your pictures!! Thanks for including me in your link party & every month my goal is to do better.... hugs!!

  12. LOVE these monthly recaps in photo! You have one of the cutest families around :)

  13. This is a great idea, to post them! I adore doing the photo a day thing, I mean you know that... ;)

  14. Ok what is Ryder hiding in? And.... Is your tub metal? Plus... Cool glasses shot!!

  15. once again, this north easterner notices the palm trees- seriously, that kind of foliage at Alex's school?! so very cool.

  16. I love the one of your sunglasses. You are so beautiful! And all your photos are wonderful. One day I want to take photos as well as you do!