Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Monthly PhotoADay Recap: September

How did you do this month?  Did you keep up with the #PhotoaDay challange?  Another month has gone by so it's time for the monthly #photoaday recap! @Fatmumslim Photoaday has created a photoaday challenge which has become very popular on instragram. Janette of the Johanson Journey and I decided it would be fun to make it a monthly meme so we can see all of your pictures too.

So if you blog, grab your pictures you took for September, make a collage, make a slideshow, or just show your favorite ones; however you would like to do it. We just ask that you grab the button to add to your post to help spread the word.

1. You, Now- very happy as I am running out with an empty van!
2. Father
3. Far Away- toys at Bass Pro Shop were far away and life would have better had we left it that way
4. In my Mailbox- mail on my counter as my husband always brings it in
5. Bright- wasn't very bright on this rare rainy SoCal day
6. Everyday- only thing I actually do everyday is use the John
7. Natural- his natural curly hair
8. At night- sometimes at night I go on dates with Eric
9. Something you do most weekends- get dressed up for church

10. Black + White
11. Hero- my husband is my son's hero
12. Together- me and my bed go together nicely
13. Table
14. Favorite- my favorite thing is going out to eat on Fridays
15. First thing you see- boys playing iPad in the morning together
16. Strange- still recovering from the strange ending to BYU/Utah football game
17. In my fridge- do you see my hidden treats?
18. Price

19. Underneath-there really is a cracker underneath that cheese
20. Man-made- fake flowers- only kind I can keep alive
21. Sometimes- I wish there were school buses still
22. Up- "up" loading the pictures from the baby photo shoot onto my computer
23. Before Bedtime- I take my eyes out
24. 3 Things- 3 types of icecream and yes I ate it all!
25. Frame- my box of thrift store frames
26. Near - needle is getting near empty
27. Love/Hate- love/hate relationship with kindergarten pickup-shorter lines but right in middle of day

28. A good thing--naps, even if they are in the car
29. errand- the vehicle I use to run my errands
30. You, then- pic of me and my little sister, stolen from my post about my heart surgery

Can't wait to see your list! Link up below.


  1. Oh my the ice cream!! I would have eaten it all too!

  2. You don't have school buses?? Wow. I mean, I drop off and we pick up because the bus schedule doesn't work for us, but I can't imagine not having that option. Buddy will be taking the bus when I'm home on maternity leave.

  3. Oh you make me so proud. I love your pictures!! I am so thankful for Instagram so I can see what's happening with you and the kiddos!! xoxo

  4. Take out your eyes....hahahaha!

  5. I only ever did the photo a day thing once. I'm too lazy!

  6. It's so funny how your little guy and mine look so much alike! I swear that picture of yours in the car seat asleep (#21) is mine!

  7. I love how you do this... I should try this one month. :-)

  8. I absolutely love this idea. Note to self: join in next month...and get reaquanted with my bed...and enjoy a car sans a child and a husband.

  9. I love all your pictures! I really want that ice cream cone :) Yumm!

  10. I am so impressed on how you keep up with these photos! I could never do this challenge LOL!

  11. I can only see a little bit of that school pick-up line, but wow... it looks massive (and long). Ugh.

    Great monthly recap, it's always so fun!

  12. Yeah, I didn't survive at all. My September got off to a rocky start so I didn't even try this month :( So what do you do with your kiddo's when you guys go on date nights?

  13. Fun pictures. It's a fun sneak into other parts of your life I didn't hear about.

  14. 8, 11, 13, 14 are my faves of yours. And, why don't you have school buses??