Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proud Mommy Moments: Threes a Trio

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Every Thursday!

This week I have a few different moments.  

First- yesterday I got to head to the school to watch Lucas receive two awards- one for good behavior and the other for outstanding academic and classroom performance.  These are awards that they can get every trimester-- and Lucas' has received both awards every semester since he began first grade.
Lucas and his best friend from school
The other moment is from my little man.  At home Ryder has become quite the chatty one- even purposely "reading" his stories loudly.  But at church, in his nursery class well they have barely ever even heard him speak.  He doesn't get into trouble, just does his own thing  and stays pretty quiet.

So one night when we were eating out, his behavior surprised me quite a bit.  He kept standing up and turning to look at the family behind us; he would smile and say hi and then turn around and eat some more of his food.  But then he decided to up his game, turning around saying hi and waving both hands back and forth high in the air like a victor greeting their admirers.  He loved the attention and continued to seek it throughout the meal.  When it was time for us to leave, he tuned and say "bye see you later."  Maybe my little guy won't be so shy after all.  

And Alex- not to be left out.  Well in life, she likes to "go big or go home"  even the way she eats toast has to be done with flare.  For example, one night we had some Texas toast with our Spaghetti.  She begins by peeling off all of the crust, which she then sets aside.  She then picks a piece of the bread off and rolls it into a ball, and then does this again and and again and again.  Then she proceeds to eat the little balls.  When we questioned what she was doing "Well it tastes better this way of course" she declared.  

Kids- gotta love them.

What are your Proud Mommy Moments this week?
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  1. Too funny about how Alex eats her toast!!

    Yay for Lucas' awards and for Ryder coming out of his shell. Love it when they finally get confident.

  2. Such cute stories. Way to go Lucas and I love that Ryder was waving to the people behind you. It's these moments that make parenting fun, right?

  3. Congrats Lucas! That is to cute how Alex eats her toast. Ryan will push the bread out of the crust then eats it :) How adorable is Ryder!

  4. Ryder was just eating up that attention wasn't he? :o) He's such a cutie!

    Congrats to Lucas on the two awards. That's awesome! And Alex - of course she's right, most food tastes better in a little ball - donut holes, meatballs, cookie dough before you bake it... ;o)

  5. Did you never roll your bread up into little dough balls? That's who I ate my bread during my whole childhood!

    You have awesome kiddos.

  6. LOL!! I love Alex's response on why she eats her garlic toast that way! Hilarious!!

  7. That is great about your son's awards!!! You should be proud :) And your Alex cracks me up!!! Seriously, she's a hoot :)

  8. All three are so wonderful! Love you guys! So fun to read about your family all the time. I love it!

  9. So great to catch a child in a proud Mommy Moment and tell them! I had the opportunity to tell my DD how proud I was of her last night, she is playing on two volleyball teams right now, is exhausted, but grinning her way through it. Love

  10. Ha Ha Ha Ha a matter of fact...I DO love 'em!

  11. What a friendly little guy he is becoming!!! And the bread balls....hilarious!

  12. Lucas is a school pro....and Alex never disappoints! I'm sure Ryder will be his own man and not so shy very soon :)

  13. Yey for Lucas!! And I have to tell you what my grandpa would have told Alex about removing her crust... one of three things...

    You better eat the crust:
    because it'll make your hair curly
    It'll put hair on your chest
    It'll make your boobs grow.

    hahahahahaha. Seeing you say she didn't eat the crust I so had to share. Sorry for that third one.

  14. So cute! I'm always amazed how different my three are...and as soon as I think that one is "so that way" they show me there's no putting them in a box! I loved reading your stories about your precious babies! XO, Aimee

  15. I watching them turn into the people they are meant to be!

  16. Alex always makes me laugh! And how would it be to have a child others perceive as quiet?! My kids get their rambunctious nature from me. Completely. Yay for Lucas, though. He was having a hard time at school a year or two ago, wasn't he? With behavior, right? How wonderful that he is being awarded for good behavior.