Thursday, January 3, 2013

Proud Mommy Moments: The Hike

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"Oh where is that?' I wondered as I looked at a friends picture of a waterfall on instagram.  A few messages later and I realized it was really close to our house, so New Years Eve we decided to take all three kids on an almost 4 mile round trip hike, which increased in elevation 950 feet on the way.  Sound fun yet?

The path begins in more of a dessert landscape.  Brush, tumble weeds and no trees.

Luckily it wasn't hot (in fact we all needed jackets) as there was no shade and lots of rocks.

Ryder walked a bit, but he also rode a lot like this
Yes that is SNOW on those mountains- brr! 
or in Eric's arms.

Going into it we didn't know for sure how far the hike was or for sure what the falls were really going to be like, other than the one picture on instagram I saw.

Soon we were hearing choruses of "I'm hungry" "I can't walk anymore"-- mostly from Alex.

But Lucas- he was determined.  When we talked about turning around at one point, Lucas said "we came to see the falls and I am going to see the falls."

We even got excited when we actually saw a tree.
Um a very dead tree

But then we began to hear it, we could hear water running.  Alex found a "walking stick" which helped her keep going- and look real trees.

The terrain was slowly starting to change- but still mostly dirt and rocks.  Though the view of how high up we were and looking down on the valley was pretty.
We live down below in that valley somewhere
Then we rounded one more bend and boom we were in a forest!

The sudden transformation really was the most amazing part of it.

Ryder threw rocks in the water and just sat and enjoyed the scenery

The kids loved looking at the waterfall and crazy Eric even went down there

to get this shot.

It ended up being a wonderful afternoon.  And I was very proud of my little hikers- especially Lucas who never gave up.

The Valley way below now
It was a proud mommy moment.
Here is a little video that shows the scenery off even better- and that big rock when I look down is the one Eric made it down to.

What is your proud mommy moment this week?


  1. That is the most beautiful scenery! What a wonderful way to spend New Years Eve.

  2. Definitely a memory they won't forget. Aren't those the best gifts to share?

  3. Very cool! I am really impressed that your kids made that hike! I have to admit, I'd probably be the first one to give up!

  4. So awesome that you have such close and fun things to do with the kids! I think I would have to drive at least 12 hours to get close to a hiking place anywhere close to looking like yours! I remember hiking a couple times as a kid-- its very fun. Great proud moments!

  5. So fun! Nice work hikers! And I loved the video. I think it's really cute how kids always need help finding rocks to throw in when they're everywhere. . .so cute!

  6. Beautiful!!
    We have to drive far to get to places like that where we can hike. They're all closed in the winter time except for a few where you can snow shoe.

  7. I love taking my kids hiking. Once they find a good hiking stick, they are little champs! I love the idea of hiking on new year's eve. Such a grassy tradition to start. Here it might have to be something like snow shoeing, but how fun!

  8. I love taking my kids hiking. Once they find a good hiking stick, they are little champs! I love the idea of hiking on new year's eve. Such a grassy tradition to start. Here it might have to be something like snow shoeing, but how fun!

  9. Wow Emily...that is very C OOL scenery. Can't wait to go on that hike with you! If the kiddos can make it, so can I !!!

  10. You made it!! Hikes like that are one of the things I miss most about living out west. I am definitely linking up with this next week!

  11. Your kids are so awesome for making it through!! So glad you all had fun...and glad Alex found her a walking stick!

  12. what a gorgeous hike thank you for sharing it

  13. What beautiful moments! Definitely something to be proud of.

  14. I adore that you saw a waterfall picture and hunted it out! Those are the best kind of travels- when you see something and then go for it. This was a proud Mommy moment for sure- yay Lucas!

  15. Awe, so great. Looks like a great place to hike. I saw the photos on instagram, very cool! I wish we had some place like that around here but unfortunately I think that's a negatory!

  16. Aw, what a gorgeous place for a hike.

  17. What a fun family day together in the great outdoors!

    It is so funny to hear you say "It wasn't too hot, we actually needed jackets" about a New Year's hike! I think it was 9 degrees here on New Year's day!!

    Your pictures make me excited for Spring to get here!

  18. This is awesome!! A great family adventure and I think it taught the kids a lot about sticking to something and the wonderful world of the outdoors. And good for Lucas!!

  19. I'm so bad. A hike would never be family fun for me. That sounds horrible doesn't it? Maybe I just had that bad experience with the hike last fall...I don't know. LOL But it looks like you all had a fantastic time and that is a win!

  20. What a great way to have fun and exercise. My husband loves to hike so I'm sure we'll be strapping the baby on soon and making a trip when it gets warmer!

  21. And you got some great family adventure pics out of it too! Glad you guys had such a fun time!