Friday, February 1, 2013

Power of Moms Couple Retreat Giveaway

If you read my recap of the recent Power of Mom's retreat I went to, you know how much I loved it.  The things I learned, the mom's I met, the inspiration and hope I left feeling.

I am excited there is something awesome to those of you who live in the SoCal area (or are going to be in the SoCal area Feb 8th)
There is a couples retreat coming up!   During this retreat they will be focusing on family systems, the rules, the culture, the family economy--which is why it will be perfect to be there as a couple so you can implement and work on this together.

There is room for 30 couples, so go hurry and reserve your spot.  And if the cost is a concern, I promise you it will be money well spent and the Power of Moms is offering a 100% money back guarantee and no late cancellation fees; they really do want this to be something for everyone.

And it gets better-- today I get to offer one of you a FREE pass to the this retreat!  Yep, one of you who is randomly picked can go for free.  If you go ahead and buy a ticket and end up winning your money will be refunded.

To Enter:
I am going to make it really easy to enter- simply leave a comment telling why you would like to go to this.  And please please only enter if you will be able to attend as I don't want someone to miss out if you end up not being able to go.

This will run just through Monday night-- with the winner being announced Tuesday- to ensure you have time to arrange a babysitter or whatever you may need to do.

Good luck and can't wait to see the lucky winner at the retreat!


  1. Oh oh oh how exciting!!! Being a one income family ( I work and my hubby stays home with the kiddos ) we really could use some help ( advice ) on ways to improve our family rules, culture, system. I work and am getting my masters, and my hubby watches the kids and does online school full time to get his BA, so we are busy and could use any help we could get. I really wanted to go to this but money has been so tight!! This would be an awesome way to get to go!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!! ( by the way I am girlforgod27 on IG---just connecting the two for you!!! )

  2. I think this would be a great way to reconnect, learn knew strategies for parenting and get our family economy in a much better place than it currently is. It would also put me and my husband on the exact "same page" as the saying goes.

  3. my husband and i have been talking about the types of values and traditions we want our family to have. we would love some expert advice and also to have discussions with other wonderful couples. Parenting is the most important job we can do and we want to do our very best to create lasting memories fir our kids and raise happy, responsible and good adults.

  4. Sounds like great fun. I'm going on a quilt retreat with my quilter friends does that count??? We laugh while solving all the worlds problems all the while quilting! Hows that for multitasking!

  5. This has nothing to do with your post...well kinda...but I'm going to the Build Your Own Blog Conference in SLC in a few weeks. Excited for my first every blog conference!