Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Birthday Post

To my husband-

We have celebrated 12 of your birthdays together- tomorrow will be number 13.

With each birthday of yours, I can honestly say I love you a little more.

I truly am amazed and so grateful for all you do for our family and for me.

I still love dating you and love when you hold me in your arms.

I remember all the butterflies, nervousness and excitement of our first date
A picture from our first date
And now those butterflies and nervousness have been replaced with total peace and safety-- but still lots of excitement and fun too!
Picture from a more recent date
I look forward to the day when we have celebrated more birthdays together than we were apart before we knew each other.

And of course beyond, for the eternities.

I love you!  Happy Birthday tomorrow

Oh and I am even going to try and have the house clean for your birthday (but no promises there ;P )


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  1. That's so sweet! I love that you wore overalls on your first date. ;o) Where did you guys go?

    1. It was actually a group date me and my roommates and all of his roommates. We went up to the mountains and went to a park and had a bomb fire and roasted marshmallows. It was fun.

  2. Very nice! You two are adorabel!

  3. Happy Birthday to him. What a sweet post. You two are a gorgeous couple.

  4. Yay for Eric and you! So love you guys.

    Happy Birthday to the best brother the world has ever known!!

  5. aw happy birthday to Eric! I look forward to that day with Match as well-when we've been together longer than we've been apart. :-) We just celebrated Match's birthday in February, and that was the 5th since we got together. Wow, time really does fly!

  6. Happy Birthday Eric!
    You guys are such a sweet couple :)

  7. Beautiful couple, happy birthday to Eric! My husband will be 35 March 29th :)

  8. Oh goodness you guys look like babies in that first pictures. How cool that you've been together for so long. Love it!

    You know Mark and I were talking about my great grandparents last night. They were married when my great grandma was 18. They were married for 79 years when my great grandpa passed away. She passed away a couple years later at 101. She was with him longer than she was single. Just thought I'd share since you stated that.

  9. So sweet! Happy birthday to your love!

  10. Happy Birthday!!

    Love that first picture. I met my husband when we were in high school.

  11. You two are so cute. I love seeing you next to him, you look soooo tiny...or he looks giant LOL.

  12. Happy Birthday to your hubby! That pic of your first date is adorable!

  13. What a sweet birthday tribute! And good luck with the house! :-)

  14. Awww! Sorry I missed the first picture he looks like a 7 foot tall 12 year old! LOL!!

  15. Awww happy birthday to your husband!!!

  16. Happy Birthday to your husband!! You guys make such a cute couple!!

    So, did you get the house cleaned? ;)

  17. I just love that you have a photo from your first date. I don't think a lot of people can say that. Happy Birthday to him! :)

  18. Love the old picture. So endearing. happy belated bday to the hubs!
    from The Dugout