Monday, March 18, 2013

Old School Tag

Back when I began blogging, over four years ago now, it was quite popular and quite common to get tagged; whether it be with a blogging award or with a getting to know you meme... and well they are back!

Both Mimi of Living in France and Janette of the Johanson Journey tagged me so I figured I would play along.

So the rules

  1. Display the award logo on your blog: Check!
  2. Link back to the person(s) who nominated you: Mimi From Living in France
  3. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award: yea I am doing 7
  4. State 7 things about yourself.
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination by linking to one of their specific posts so that they get notified by pingback. (huh?)

1. I have 5 brothers and sisters all of whom live all over the country and sadly we rarely ever see each other.  It's not that we don't get along, we just all live our own lives I guess.

2. I really don't like showering.  I don't mind it once I am in and probably even like it-- but half of the time it just seems like such a hassle. 

3. I spend way too much time zoned out and only half listening-- especially when my son talks non-stop about legos/roller coasters/cars.  I do feel guilty about it.

4.  I love taking pictures professionally but have hardly taken any since we last moved-- I think I don't fully pursue getting new clients as I still doubt myself a lot.

5. I don't fear public speaking and actually enjoy speaking in church-- and would say I am actually pretty good at it and I would much rather speak then teach a lesson at church, easier not to have to worry about comments and getting people to participate

6. I never used to really believe PMS was real- then I hit my 30's and my body thinks it's funny letting me know how real it is.

7. My favorite time of the day is often bedtime-- not my own but my children.  Not only am I so ready for the quiet by the end of the day but I actually really like spending time with my husband, we watch a movie or show together almost every night.  

Now for the tagging-- though I may or may not notify, see how lazy I get-- and just doing 7 because it's a lucky number

1. CA Girl-- so the punk will actually blog again
3. Kmama-- My Proud Mommy Moment partner in crime 
4. Jen Buried with Children-- Mom of 4 (including triplets) been blogging longer than me! 
5. Barbara from Foot Prints in the Sand-- American mama raising her kids in France!
6. Kim From Paper Pieces by Kim-- a brand new blogger so go show her some love! 
7. Julie from Momspective-- a lay it all out there totally honest blogger

So there ya go ladies- tag you are it!

And I had two giveaways end over the weekend!

The first is the Gerber Life giveaway

Congrats Lisa! 

The second giveaway was for a copy of the book Gaze Into Heaven.   

Congrats Mary!

Both winners have been notified.

I will be around this week but a little hit and miss as it is my kids spring break!  Wish me luck.


  1. I can totally relate to #6, but it didn't hit me until my 40s. ARGH!

  2. Awww thanks for the tag...and it's amazing what things happen to our bodies when we hit our 30's. Apparently after having kids my nose has decided to always be super congested after and during a cold...aka like now. It never was like that before I had kids!!!

  3. PMS after the baby seems so much worse. And I am deathly afraid of public speaking.

  4. I am a punk??? Oh it's on now! :P YOu know I love you. And I do miss blogging. I suck so much at time management.

    Ryan rambles too, Kristin still does (One Direction......)and sometimes I tone them out. I do enjoy that quiet time too. Ahhhh. :)

    Now to git r done. HA!

  5. lol to you calling out Lourie for being a slacker! I'm so with you about PMS, my gosh, that's a nasty situation we deal with!

  6. Um yeah, PMS is so real. It stinks. :) I zone out too and then feel guilty, except for me it is with animal facts. lol!

  7. Thanks for thinking of me! I've got my 7 things listed, but my blog will have to wait till next week... I've got a Super Mario birthday to plan!

  8. I get to test out my public speaking skills on Wednesday. I'm speaking at a Teacher Staff meeting.

    I'm scared!!

  9. Yay! Thank you so much for tagging me! I feel so special. I can totally relate to #7! That quiet time is magical.

  10. So what time do you send the kiddos to bed? And I can't even imagine having that many siblings. I'm an only child so I'm thinking that sounds like a lot of kids in one family :)

  11. I really like reading these things about other bloggers! You don't realize how much you have in common with someone until you see they hate showering as much as you do! ;o)

    I don't think you need to be doubting your photography skills - you do an excellent job! It does have to be hard rebuilding a client base every time you move, though.

    Good luck this week! Just make it until bedtime and then it's smooth sailing!

  12. I am NOT a good public speaker. My wedding was torture. I never gave a single speech in college and passed with a C. What??? Anyway, good for you!

    Bedtime can't get here fast enough on most days. Staying home with kids is hard work! I used to love playing these games. What happened to my blogging motivation?

  13. I love my kids' bedtime too! Only my quiet time has disappeared now that Baby Girl is here!

    Getting in the shower IS such a hassle - but it is definitely my favorite "me" time. I live the bigger kids in charge of Baby Girl and I stay in there until the hot water runs out!

  14. I LOVE that you took part in my tag & am sorry you were double tagged, I didn't go back that far to double check. I love quiet time at night too-- its when I can breath easier and reflect! I had to think about the shower thing for a sec-- I don't mind it-- but I hate shaving and I hate putting on my make up and drying my hair each time. I think the moon effects me more than PMS-- but equally the same effects. Ah.. love reading these things!!

  15. So funny that you don't like to shower. That is how I am with washing my face at night. Even getting ready for bed! It is just too much of a hassle, but something I have to do every night. :)